September 26, 2004

Min’s father got up early this morning and got to work in the basement sanding the drywall. That is the worst part of getting the theatre ready is the sanding. It is such an unbelievable chore. And because of the design of the theatre, there is no air in there either. And the air conditioning can’t be on because the system will suck up all of the dust and destroy the furnace. So it is hot down there as well.

We went over to the Omega Grill for a late lunch/really late breakfast. I didn’t get to stay for the entire mean, though, because I had to jet over to Jeremy’s for his family birthday party/dinner. I got over there around 2:00 and we ate not long after. We had dinner and watched Jeremy and Sara play Dance Dance Revolution Max on the PS2. That is always funny to watch. Then Jeremy had me help him with some of his Java homework that he has been doing. He is starting to learn to program and is having a really good time doing it.

Min couldn’t go to the party because she is working this afternoon and tonight, sixteen hours total. Her regular schedule is to work a double on Sundays now, which is nice because it means that she gets an extra day off during the week. But now I won’t see her until tomorrow morning.

I went out on the deck today to relax. I tried opening the deck umbrella and discovered wasps living in the umbrella. That was quite a surprise. So I launched the umbrella out into the lawn and there it sits waiting for me to take care of it.

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