September 29, 2004

We are all so happy that the weather has finally changed and we no longer are needing to run the air conditioning all of the time. That has been killing us, the electric costs have been astronomical. We are hoping that we won’t need to turn it on for the rest of the year, but Indian Summer is bound to get us in a month or so. Min and I have three fans set up in our bedroom to try to keep it cool. For some reason, our room heats up something awful if we don’t keep air moving through. Even with it being the only room in the house with windows open, it is still the warmest room. We haven’t been able to figure out what makes this happen. It does have a running computer in it but almost every room has that. So we are at a loss. No idea how it is happening.

I spent most of the day couped up in the bedroom working diligently on projects. Still no word about either of the jobs that I am “supposedly” getting soon.

For those of you who utilize the Niagara Telecom SharePoint web site, I did a bit of work today on that server and that page loads dramatically faster now making it far more useful. It used to be painfully slow but it appears that those speed problems were caused by Microsoft’s software and not by our machine. Microsoft updated the package and it works much, much better now.

It was a gorgeous day today so I went over to Wegmans and got some take out and Min and I sat out on our deck enjoying the autumn weather. We have had a rough summer for enjoying our deck because there have been wasps everywhere and Min is very afraid of them. But now that the weather is cold, they are really slow and not a problem anymore.

We needed to get things moving on the basement but I have tons of work to get done so Min decided to hire my cousing Jeremy to come over and to do some work on the basement. He swept, scraped and mopped along with Andy to get the theatre room ready for painting. We are really anxious to get the room finished both because we are really excited to have a real theatre finally but also because the basement is such an incredible disaster that it will be really helpful to have it useful. The biggest thing is the huge couch that we have down there that needs to be moved into the theatre room to clear up space for everything else. And all of the stereo and projector components are all over the house just taking up space. So it will, in theory, do a lot to clean up the rest of the house as well.

After Jeremy finished, he had some dinner and I drove him home. When I got back, Min, Andy and I headed on down to the basement to begin the first coat of painting. That took a couple of hours but we got all of the non-screen areas completely “primed” with their base coat of matte black paint. Boy did that darken the room. Even the doors are painted black. We painted some of the white PVC as well. That room is going to be the darkest place on earth by the time we are done with it.

Min had to get to bed shortly after we finished painting because she has an interview in Livonia first thing in the morning (before first thing for me.)

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