September 30, 2004

See, a whole week behind again. This is just the way it is. It is the constant changing between laptop and two different desktops that make it really difficult to keep up with the site. But at least I am keeping up for the most part.

Dominica is interviewing over at Livonia Central today. She put in a resume last year and they weren’t interested. Then suddenly out of nowhere they called and wanted her to come in. I don’t know that she will be interested in subbing for them this year but at least she will have some information. The funny thing is is that it is almost completely her interviewing them, not the other way around, since she is the party less likely to be interested in the position. After her 7:45 interview (yeah, that is AM) she is going to run up to Rochester to do some banking and see if she can pick up a new hamster call for Mr. Humphries because he got a little too rambunctios with his old one and managed to crack it almost in half. So, to protect his tiny toes we had to throw it away.

I know that almost everyone knows this site already but just in case someone doesn’t, I want everyone to go try out Homestar Runner, it is definitely one of the weirdest sites on the web.

The new and improved Minca Knits web site is now up and running. You can always find it by linking from the button to the left. Let me know what you think of the new page design, I really like it. I am still tweaking things, like the FAQ menu that doesn’t appear on every page. But for the most part, it is coming along nicely. I will be adding pictures and stuff of items very soon. I have been really swamped with work recently and have had very little opportunity to get to it.

Dad has his new lawn mower being delivered today. Now that he has converted a significant portion of the farm into lawn he needs a serious lawn mower to be able to handle it. There are just acres and acres of lawn now. He is very excited. His old lawn mower has been breaking almost every time that he goes out to mow so this new one should really make his life a ton easier. I told him that since he spends so much time on the lawn mower, we should get him a handheld wireless PDA and attached it to the front of the mower and put a wireless antenna up on the house so that he can get emails and instant messages while he is out mowing.

Dominica was gone for a long time this morning and didn’t manage to return home until 11:00. Then she needed me to go out to Walmart with her to get some paint and, of course, that turned into an all afternoon project. Almost three hours it took to get paint and stuff and lunch. We did get enough paint to hopefully complete the theatre as well as some dark burgundy paint and primer that Min is going to use to paint the garage. Our neighbors all have painted garages but, for some reason, ours was skipped. So we are doing it in a wild, dark red colour. I think that it will look nice but it will be almost impossible to find anything in there because it will be so dark and parking the cars will probably be difficult as well. We also got some “green twig” paint that Min is going to use to paint our bathroom because she is tired of white walls.

Jeremy called in the middle of the afternoon and said that he wanted to come over and help paint the basement so we had him come over and we put him to work. We managed to complete the second coat of the matte black of the back walls and we got the primer onto the screen surface. It is really coming along, we should be ready to watch movies in that room as early as tomorrow! But, Min and I have to go out of town tomorrow so we will be lucky if we get even close to being able to see anything in there before we leave.

After getting the basement painted, Min and Jeremy headed out to the garage to start getting it painted with its first coat of primer. Min chose Rave Wine as the colour that it will be. It is a really deep red so it will be pretty exciting for a garage, let me tell you. Okay, I went out to look at the garage and it is freaking hilarious. The primer that they have is pink, and I don’t mean just sort of pink, we are talking serious Pepto Bismal pink here. About half of the garage is done. It is SO funny. Walmart mixed the pink primer up for us because they thought that it would help give better coverage to the deep red that we are planning on putting on top but I think that we should leave it with just the primer because it is so funny. I have never seen a pink garage before and I am willing to bet that I might not ever see one again. I wish that it would show up in a photograph just how pink it is because I don’t think it is possible to really appreciate the pinkness of the situation without really being here.

By the way, tomorrow is October. I can’t believe that September is almost over. For those who don’t remember, Min and my first anniversary is coming up in just four days. A whole year, now that is hard to believe.

Jeremy has tomorrow off from school (no reason, they just don’t have very much to teach) and so he decided to crash here tonight and get at least one game of AoE2 in. There is no game this weekend since Min and I are leaving for Utica tomorrow afternoon around 3:30 to go to Lori and Perry’s wedding on Saturday. Tomorrow night is the rehearsal dinner. We are spending tomorrow night at her parent’s house in Frankfort but we are driving back to Geneseo on Saturday night because we just don’t have enough free time to spend another night out there. We wish we did but I have been going crazy all week just trying to get to my homework and to this email server that I have been working so diligently on. I have been working on the server for an entire week now and I have made a lot of progress but I have run up against some serious roadblocks and it is really wearing on me. I could use some time off but that would just make matters worse because I am so far behind on everything. And now with next week being almost solid with all day events, I have a crazy week to look forward to in addition to trying to catch up with everything that I haven’t completed yet this week. Ugh. At least the site is mostly up to date now. That is one less thing to have to worry about.

I moved the old stuff out to the archives, finally, as of today, I am a complete season behind. Not only that but these latest archives are some the smallest that we have ever had, which is very sad. I am really falling behind. Well, tomorow begins a new seasons (for the archives at least) so we will try to do better.

It has been a long day and it isn’t over yet but I am going to call it a night since there isn’t much to say and I need to get off of the computer before I go insane.

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