September 4, 2004

This morning Min and I slept in a little and then drove down to Nate’s for the Party at the Whatever. We managed to get down to Ithaca around 1:00 pm or so. The party was good but small this year. We stayed there until everyone went off to go swimming and then we hopped in the Camaro and headed out to go to the reunion in Greeley, Pennsylvania in the Poconos.

We didn’t get down to the reunion until very late, well after dark, which made finding the place a challenge. It was at a small boy’s summer camp. We stopped in for about an hour before heading out to find a hotel. That was quite an adventure in and of itself. We spent three hours driving to each and every exit in the area and going to all of the hotels looking for a place that had rooms. Everyone was sold out and there were very few hotels as it was. We went to Milford, PA, Port Jervis, NJ and then on to downstate NY. Nothing in Middletown or Goshen. We finally managed to get a room at the Super 8 in Montgomery, just minutes away from where John grew up in Marlboro. We didn’t get into the hotel until around 1:30. We got the next to last room and they had sold out by the time we were finished checking in. It took us so long to find a room that we should have just driven back to Ithaca and saved the money. After checking in, we went to the Buck Horn just down the street for some supper since we hadn’t had the opportunity to eat yet.

Dinner was good. The assistant manager there happened to be the only one working because none of his waitresses showed up. But we were the only ones there by the time we were finishing so we ended up talking to him and found out that he was originally from Herkimer. Small world. After dinner it was off to bed to get some sleep. It wasn’t all that late but boy were we tired.

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