September 5, 2004

Min and I slept in very late today. We were very exhausted after fighting so hard to find a hotel last night. Luckily the room worked out well and we got a good night’s sleep.

We went to breakfast back at the Buck Horn before driving back to Greely, PA for the reunion. After breakfast we ran over to Walmart because I had forgotten to pack shirts to wear so we needed to pick some up.

We only took about fourty minutes returning to the camp for the reunion. It was a nice day, cool and overcast. We didn’t get back to the reunion until after lunch. Unfortunately, the reunion was winding down a bit this afternoon so we really got very little time to hang around. We had a good time for the short time that we were there. I volunteered/was elected to create the family reunion web site.

After the reunion, we hit the road south. We decided to take back roads through the Poconos instead of heading back to the main highway. That was definitely the wrong decision. We ended up spending hours sitting in stopped traffic around all of the resorts. They really have a poor infrastructure in that area. It took us as long to get to DC as it would have if we had left directly from Ithaca.

We finally arrived in Annapolis around 9:30. Cookie and Tommy were over and the drinking had already begun. John’s birthday is coming up on Tuesday so we were celebrating tonight.

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