September 8, 2004: Blogrolling Images

I am glad to be back home. It is nice to be here for a change. I get to be here for a week or two at least. Last week, I took an undeveloped roll of film that I had found in my camera bag over to Wegmans to get them developed. I found a great picture of Andy on that roll from many years ago. The roll was about seven or eight years old. There wasn’t much good on the roll.

Andy West Scott Alan Miller Dominica Miller Josh RelyeaMiranda Battiston

I thought that it would be great to have some of the gang’s portraits on the site. I thought that it would really add something to the site. Especially since it will allow us to find ourselves when searching online better.

The word of the day is RAIN. The hurricane has brought a ton of rain our way and it is just dumping it all over here. It has been raining all day.

I spent the day doing some work around the house and doing homework. I have tons of homework that I need to get done right away so I am going to be around Geneseo for the next few weeks getting back on track.

Don’t forget, there is a big game this Friday night!

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