October 10, 2004

Today was a big homework day for me. Min is working her double tonight so I have tons of time to myself to get it done. We slept in very late today after staying up until 3:30 this morning playing video games. We got up around noonish and Min made pear and cheddar wraps for lunch. Those are pretty good. She had me spend the time between lunch and her leaving for work to try to get some computer based training modules loaded onto her laptop so that she could use them to do some studying at work tonight on her long shift. She is working hard at completing her CompTIA A+ exams and getting that boring cert out of the way. We thought that the CBT’s might be a good learning method for her, they sure worked for me. I did a ton of work but there was a problem with the site to download them from so I wasn’t able to get them done before she left.

I did some homework, mostly reading (I am about 400 pages behind in reading right now) between 2:30 and 7:00. At 7:00, I drove up to Henrietta and picked up some McDonald’s and brought it over to Min at work. She had a really busy evening though and didn’t really have any time to eat with me. But at least she got food this way. Otherwise she has to brown bag it. I took the laptop and plugged in in the lobby of the hotel and got to work downloading those CBTs for her and doing some reading while I was doing it. I managed to get quite a bit of reading done while I was there. I am up to date with my Project Management reading which is insanely boring and I am reading the vastly more interesting Systems Analysis and Design books now and that makes it all a lot easier. I am flying through this material. A lot of it is stuff that I have read before in a different edition of the same textbook so I can go over bits pretty quickly.

I finished up at the hotel around 11:30. I ended up staying with Min through half of one of her shifts. I got all of the stuff that she needed downloaded for her so she has plenty of studying to do now. I drove home and got back to reading while I waited for the hamster to wake up so that I could clean his cage. Mr. Humphries has been sleeping in later and later recently so it took forever before he decided that is was time to wake his lazy butt up. I got tons of reading done while I was waiting for him, but it was really late before I got to go to bed. I put Mr. Humphries in his new ball and he ran around the house like a lunatic while I got his cage all nice and sparkling clean. I got him back into his apartment and searching for hidden treats around 3:45am. Boy am I tired. Okay, time for bed.

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