October 9, 2004

Jeremy crashed here last night so Min got him up this morning and put him back to work in the garage. It is starting to come along. They got about 2/3rds of the garage painted with its first coat of Rave Wine. The garage is going to look really weird once they are done. Weird and dark, but the colour is really cool so I am hoping that it will turn out pretty nice. Definitely not what you expect from a garage. I am really tempted to keep the cars outside, lay down some carpeting in there and have another room of the house. Since the ceiling is fully finished and now the walls are painted a very interior looking colour, it really makes you feel like it isn’t a garage anymore. Especially since the cars are all outside while we are painting it. Actually, before getting to the painting, we all went over to Denny’s and had some breakfast. We aren’t that much of slave drivers.

The painting went on all day, there is a lot of garage out there. After the painting was over, Min and Jeremy went down to the basement and watched more of “Homestar Runner” on DVD.

We ordered a couple of pizzas from Mama Mia’s for dinner and had them delivered. I love living in a place where you can get pizza delivered. I haven’t been able to easily for so much of my life that it is still a novelty to me. We ate out on the deck. It has been a little bit chilly but not too bad. We are really appreciating our new deck furniture that we got this year. It makes our deck into another room of the house. John and Michelle have that in DC, that really treat their deck as another room. But in New York, unfortunately, we are stuck with only being able to use the deck for a few months and the wasps and bees are so bad here that it makes it really difficult to use it for a lot of that time as well.

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