October 29, 2004

I had a phone interview with Corning today. I spent the twenty-four hours leasing up to the interview reading the 512 page book on the interview topic in order to prepare myself for it. The interview got rescheduled three times in the past twenty-four hours and then they had phone coordination issues when we finally tried to have it. But we finally managed to pull it off. It seemed to go all right. Interviews are always hard to tell how well they go. I got the impression that they were interested but I wasn’t sure, they may have just been being polite. The person that I was supposed to be interviewing with bought a new house and was busy moving and so they weren’t able to do the interview with him today. That was a pain because this was really an extra, useless interview that doesn’t really mean much of anything. So, we will see what happens.

Jeremy had asked us to schedule an AoE2 game tonight. So we did but he ended up being the one who opted to go to the school dance instead of coming to the game. But Tony and Josh came over. So we ended up playing all evening.

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