October 30, 2004

After staying up late playing AoE2 last night, I would have liked to have slept in but that wasn’t in the cards. We needed to have polo shirts picked up to be embroidered for the show this week and Min was sick yesterday so I had to get up at 8:40 this morning and go to Target and get them. Luckily, Target had just enough shirts left that I was able to get them. I tried both Walmart and Target and there were hardly any navy blue polos there at all.

I ran over to Leicester to drop off the shirts and visited with grandma and Shirly for about half an hour. Tomorrow is grandma’s birthday. She is going to be 89.

While I was up in the city, I manage to get Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo which I have been looking for for a while. It is the last Herbie movie that I need for my collection until the new one with Lindsay Lohan comes out. You have to love Herbie movies. I also got the movie Say It Isn’t So with Chris Klein and Heather Graham. Walmart had it in the second tier bargain bin and I had wanted to see that when it released so I thought that that was a good deal.

Min and I ended up watching both new movies tonight. Herbie was Herbie, Dean Jones is always funny. I just like old Disney “feel good” movies. Of course, I call it old but it isn’t as old as I am. That is hard to believe when you watch it. Say It Isn’t So wasn’t bad. It was a bit gross and childish but overall it was enjoyable. There were some really good people in it and everyone did a good job. Orlando Jones is SO funny always. I wish that he did more movies because he is so consistently fun to watch.

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