October 3, 2004

Today was a really short day. Dominica and I really slept in. We didn’t get home last night until almost 2:00 and then we stayed up for a little while hanging out with Andy so we didn’t get to bed until 3:00ish. Min woke up in the middle of the night with something really wrong with her leg and she wasn’t able to walk. So that didn’t make for a very restful night. And the room was really cold so I decided to try shutting the windows. Well, then it got really warm and that made up not wake up at all.

We got up just in time to run to the Omega Grill, eat lunch and for Min to run straight off to work at the Fairfield Inn. She is working her double shift tonight which really sucks going into our one year anniversary tomorrow.

I spent the day working on homework and the basement theatre. I got the first coat of the super reflective white paint onto the screen early in the afternoon so that it would be dry by this evening. That didn’t take too long. Then I headed out onto the deck to do some reading for my project management class.

Andy and I ran up to Avon to have dinner at Tom Wahls. After we came home, we set up the theatre – threw down the carpeting, set up the front speakers, got the projector and stereo in place – and fired up Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous. Boy does that picture look good. With the black walls and the bright white screen the contrast is really exceptional. We did notice that we do need a second coat of white paint to make the screen more even, but I don’t think that that will be too hard to do. So that is planned for tomorrow. I am sure that Min is going to want to try out the theatre in the morning. Right now we only have it set up to handle two channel stereo. I don’t know if we will be moving to surround sound soon or not. The next major project down there is getting the system mounted into the ceiling. Once everything is up off of the floor, then the couch that is going in there can be brought in and there will be enough room for people to actually sit. That will then clear up a ton of space in the storage room and we can get to organizing that as well.

Andy had to get to bed early tonight, tomorrow is his first day of work at Wegman’s in Rochester. He has to be up at 6:00 am which is going to be a major shock for his system as he has been going to bed around 5:00 am and getting up mid-afternoon for months on end now.

After watching the movie and Andy going to bed, it was back to the homework for me. There is so much for me to do, it is a major project for me to catch up on.

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