October 2, 2004: Lori and Perry’s Wedding

Congratulation to Lori and Perry Hughes who were married today!

Today was the big wedding. We slept in (boy I saw that a lot) and snuggled with Dexter because it isn’t very often that we get the chance to sleep with the puppy and we miss him a lot. And he must miss us too because he always wants to sleep with us.

We had to start getting ready for the wedding around 11:00. The wedding is an all day affair with a breather in the middle, so there is a costume change do to the afternoon wedding with an evening reception. So it is a little bit more casual than usual for the wedding itself but formal for the reception – I am explaining this for all of the men out there who have no idea that there are different standards of dress depending on the time of day of the event for weddings.

The wedding was in Frankfort at the Roman Catholic church. For you non-Roman Catholics out there, that means a full mass which takes over an hour. This was actually the first full Roman Catholic wedding that I have ever been to. It was a really nice ceremony and there were tons of people there.

Following the ceremony, the wedding attenders went down to Doc’s on Maint St. in Frankfort for the early reception which was very informal and was mostly just a light lunch to hold everyone until they could go to the formal reception four hours later. This early reception was not attended by the wedding party.

After the light reception, we went back to Min’s parent’s house for a couple of hours. I did some work on their computer while I was there. Min ended up having to give Dexter an emergency bath because he ran out and rolled in poop and was stinking up the house. He had gotten a flea treatment the day before and apparently he wasn’t very happy with how it was working out. Min tried to spray him with an apple scented body spray but that just made him smell like he had eaten a lot of apples before having an accident. So she had to bathe him, he wasn’t very happy about that.

At 5:00 we headed out to go to Turning Stone in Oneida where the reception was held. That is about fourty minutes away from Frankfort. That was really convenient for us since that was on our way home. In fact, it is only about 1/4 of a mile out of our way at all, if that. It couldn’t have been more convenient for us. The reception started at 6:00 with a cocktail hour. There was some really amazing baked brie at the cocktail hour, boy was that yummy. Unfortunately, I only got a chance to get a single bite of it.

We were seated for dinner around 7:00. I don’t know what time we actually ate at. Dancing started after dinner and went until 11:00. We had a really good time. We were really surprised how quickly the time passed. Min spent much of the evening dancing in high heels which she never does and her feet were absolutely killing her by the end of the evening.

It was almost midnight by the time we packed it up and headed for home. But, it is only just over two hours to home from the casino so that wasn’t too bad at all.

Min’s brother, Joe, is planning on coming out to hang out next weekend. He claims that he is coming out to look at the leaves and to go down to Letchworth but we know that he is really coming to see the new theatre that is almost complete. Andy did some more painting down there to get it ready for the final bright white of the screen tomorrow.

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