October 6, 2004


Today is my stay at home and try to get things done day. We will see how well that goes. Tomorrow I will be spending eight hours at the Microsoft Technet and MSDN events in Irondiquoit so I need to get as much done today as possible. There is so much more to do now that we know that I will be busy and out of town starting in just five days. Now we are really under pressure.

Well, I stayed at home but I don’t know how much I got done today. I have so much to do that I am finding it really overwhelming. Between homework and contract tasks and getting ready to relocate to Albany and everything else that needs to be done, I just can’t get to everything. The homework that I have to do is for a Project Management class that I was hoping was going to be a bit more useful than it is. The only thing that I have learned so far in this class is that all of the BS that you get from PM’s is stuff that they heard from professors.

Min and I went to a late lunch with dad around 2:30. He wanted to come over and get a first hand look at the progress on the theatre. He is designing our ceiling system for that room so he needed to get a look at it. He watched a little bit of Willow to see how the theatre looked. He was pretty impressed.

Min did some work tonight to help me catch up a little. I have so much to do that it is really bad. I feel bad ever going to bed because there is just more to do tomorrow. And tomorrow we have to be up relatively early to be able to get up to the Microsoft show in Rochester. At least the show is close tomorrow and I really don’t have to be prepared for it at all. I get to relax for the bulk of the day while I am there.

Andy didn’t get home until pretty late tonight because he went over to his family’s house to celebrate his birthday. He is still having a hard time adjusting to his new schedule. He is awake almost the exact opposite hours that he used to be so it is especially rough. About as bad as it is for most people to suddenly start working the overnight shift. Some people can do it just fine, but some have a really hard time not doing things at the same hours as other people.

I did manage to catch up on my homework for my one class a little bit. I hope I am catching up at least. I think I gained about a week but it is hard to tell. I am so far behind. If I get the time that I am hoping for on Friday then I should be in okay shape. It is such a struggle to get classes in these days. Especially these types of classes that aren’t very solidly structured making it very difficult to figure out exactly what to do next. I can’t wait until December when all of this is over and done with. It will be such an incredible relief not to have college hanging over my head anymore. Ten years now on this silly bachelour’s degree!

I had to get some paperwork into a company that I had been contracting for recently so I ended up not getting a chance to get to bed until long after 2:00 in the morning. That is rough because I am still not used to these early morning Microsoft shows. Speaking of which, Jen Bulkley (previously Middleton) emailed me today and said that she got married (apperently to Mr. Bulkley) in August. She is now pursuing a career in web development and both she and her new husband might be attending the Microsoft show tomorrow. She has never been to one and thought that it sounded neat.

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