October 7, 2004

Today was the Rochester Microsoft Across America show. I didn’t manage to get to bed until 3:00 this morning and I had to be up at 6:20 to be able to get ready and make it to the show on time up in Irondequoit. I haven’t had enough sleep in a few nights so I really wasn’t ready to get up this morning when the alarm went off. I felt like crap when I pulled my lazy butt out of bed. I was up very late working on homework last night.

We got to the show at 8:15 or so and luckily had time to get our free breakfast. That is to encourage you to get to the show a few minutes early, they have bagels and coffee and juice. Otherwise, everyone would be running late because they would be driving around hunting for some caffeine to get them through the morning. Dominica and I were scheduled for different shows today so we hardly got a chance to see each other all day long. She did the same sessions that I did in Ithaca on Tuesday while I spent my time in the technical sessions. We did manage to have lunch together at Taco Bell just up the street from the theatre. There was a 45 minute lunch break between the sessions so we ran out and grabbed a bite. The show went on until 5:30. I managed to win a t-shirt and get two shirts as free gifts. Dominica didn’t get any so she wasn’t very happy about that. I did win something at the MSDN event but I don’t know what it is yet, I am hoping for a frisbee, because they didn’t have the prizes there so there are sending them out later. It is cool that I managed to win a “participitory” prize in both sessions. It is especially good since I won nothing in Ithaca on Tuesday. The best thing was that the TechNet session this morning was mostly on managing Active Directory and their free gift was a $50 Microsoft Press book specifically on Active Directory on Windows 2003. That is so cool because on October 25th I am starting my new job as an Active Directory administrator and I have a lot of boning up to do before then. I am planning on attending Microsoft’s AD workshop series that start tomorrow as well.

We got home just in time for Andy to want to go up to Avon for dinner. I never did figure out why he really wanted to eat in Avon, especially on a day when all three of us had just driven through Avon and on down to Geneseo so we all had to drive right back up again. But anyway, we went up to the Peppermint for dinner.

I have tons of homework and other “sitting at the computer” work to do so I headed into the upstairs office and Andy and Min went to work in the garage. They were originally planning on painting tonight but decided that their time would be better spent collecting all of the empty recycling cans out there and taking them back to Wegmans. We had about $25 of cans and bottles out there. The garage has a lot more space in it now too. Tomorrow I have to send out all of the remaining T-Mobile equipment that has been sitting in the basement. That will undoubtedly give us a ton more room down there too. I also have to stop by and drop off a box of stuff for Kelley’s Heroes that has been sitting in a big box in the laundry room hallway for a few days now. Once I get all of that stuff taken out of here, there will be quite a bit more room. There is a ton of garbage still in the garage that we need to get caught up on – I didn’t pay the collection bill in a while and we went for a few weeks without pickup and now we are trying to catch back up. We also have a lot of cardboard in the basement that needs to be taken over to dad’s at some point. That stuff alone should get the house pretty close to being ready to start seriously organizing. The last big move will be to get the theatre equipment mounted up into the ceiling and to get the sofa moved into the theatre room proper.

While I was working, Min headed on down to the theatre to watch the new Aladdin Special Edition. I managed to get a bit of homework done. I am starting to catch up a little bit. Not a lot, but a little. I am gaining on the deadlines at least. That is the best that I can hope for at this stage in the game. While I was working, I let the computer do some work and I got a handful of new CDs transferred over to Ogg Vorbis.

We are meeting dad for breakfast at 8:30 so no staying up late tonight. However, I have ten chapters of textbooks to read by tomorrow so I have a lot to do. This college thing can keep you busy! Goodnight everyone!

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