November 6, 2004

Well, SPAM has gotten to be way too much of an issue so we have eliminated the email directory on the page. I know that everyone is heartbroken. We have been guessing that a large quantity of the email that we get is from harvesters getting our addresses from here so we decided to eliminate it altogether. Since having been down for a couple of days, we are only getting a fraction of the SPAM that we had been getting just a week ago. I am not totally sure what caused the sudden change but it is awfully nice.

Everyone was still at the house when I got up this morning. Andy and Tony were just about to leave to take Tony home. Phil took off after not too long. Then Min, Jeremy and I went out to Denny’s for a late breakfast or late lunch (Yup, that late.) Then we took Jeremy home.

I worked down in the office most of the afternoon and evening and Min came down and did a little studying and then watching hours of That 70’s Show to keep me company. I managed to get some homework done, some real work and some cleaning.

Andy, Min and I decided that we needed an evening out so we decided to go out to see The Incredibles out at Tinsel Town in Gates. It has been a while since I have been out to see a movie at a theater. When I went on line to look up the showtimes, I hardly knew a single movie that was showing at the theatre. Man am I starting to feel old.

Well, The Incredibles is a must see movie. That is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. All three of us loved it. I am really glad that we managed to get out to see a show. That was awesome.

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