December 6, 2004

Today is the first day of my second week at Wegmans. But I had a lot to do before I could go to work. I got up early this morning and drove out to Batavia to see my foot doctor. I can’t believe that I had an appointment before 8:00 in the morning way out there. The doctor said that my foot is pretty bad and that I need to get prepared to have surgery in early January. That kind of sucks.

I had to deal with my jury duty again today. I have been trying to convince Wyoming County that I live in Livingston County now. For some reason, the state doesn’t tell anyone where anyone lives. Which must cause all kinds of problems. In fact, the whole jury system is really bad in this modern age. There are so few people who qualify for it. Because the whole system is dependant upon people living in one place for a decently long period of time. And it is dependant on people still having jobs after the duty is over. But that is a real problem because the law that they passed that keeps companies from firing employees during jury duty doesn’t protect contractors in any way. And with more and more contractors on the market, that is a real problem. Imagine a college kid who takes a temp position for two weeks during the summer to earn some money. Then gets called for jury duty. Jury duty might take two weeks. But it only takes one day for someone else to HAVE to fill in that position. So they just lose that job. Sure, they don’t get fired. Because they are contracted, they just don’t get work. The system doesn’t take that into account when they think about making people do jury duty. And if you think that can never happen, think about the fact that I am working a 13 day contract now, and was contacted to start jury duty on day 4. If I had to have gone in and blown a day on that jury duty, they would have found someone else to do the contract because they don’t have the option of waiting for me. And the law doesn’t protect me in anyway. Luckily, the wrong county contacted me. This time.

Nothing exciting at work today. It went okay. Kept me busy:)

Andy and I grabbed Blimpie subs on the way home. They weren’t very good. We won’t do that again.

It was a really slow evening. Nothing really happened. So, I will stop writing because it will get boring.

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