December 29, 2004

Only two more days until the big New Year’s bash. Min left for Frankfort this morning. She is going to be staying out there until Friday. Bob and Lisa are probably coming up tomorrow for a little pre-party party.

I had breakfast with dad this morning at the Omega Grill before heading down to Castile to do a little work down at the Castile Christian Academy.

Andy decided to sleep in very late today and left for work sometime after 11:00. So I guess that he is taking a half day today. I am supposed to be back at Wegmans in late January, probably the last week of the month. That is good because I will need the time between now and then just to catch up on everything that I fell behind on the last time that I was there!

My cousin, Jeremy, came over this evening and we watching Last Man Standing in the theatre. This was his first time seeing anything in the theatre. He was pretty impressed. Nate came over part way through the movie because he was ordering a laptop for Tammy. They ordered an Athlon 64 Hewlett-Packard. That is going to be a nice laptop.

I took Jeremy home around midnight and then Nate and I stayed up and watched The Princess Diaries 2 with Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway. It was sillier than the first one although I think that I might have liked it more. It was very cute. I really enjoy cute, live-action Disney movies. I always have.

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