December 30, 2004

Not only have I been keeping up with the site for the last few days, but I also remembered to finally take an entire quarter of the year and move it out to the archives. That should help make the page load a little faster, don’t you think?

Min left yesterday morning to go out to Frankfort so I have had the run of the house most of the week. Andy has been going to work and Miranda has been sleeping really late so I really have been pretty much alone all week. That is nice for a change. I have been so busy recently!

I had a bit of work that needed to be done today so I worked around the house all day long. Mostly I worked in the office but I also did some cleaning and laundry. Nothing exciting today, but I was pretty productive.

Bob and Lisa came up this evening to hang out before the party. We had been hoping that Nate was going to come over and hang out but that didn’t pan out. We ended up just hanging around the house all evening and relaxing. Bob and I made a run out to Mamma Mia’s at 2:30 in the morning and bought them out of pizza just before closing time.

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