December 31, 2004

Today is the fourteenth annual Scott New Year’s Eve party. That’s right 1990-1991 was the very first party at Arti’s place on Limrick. Bob and Lisa came up last night and so they are here today helping to get the place ready. I had a bit of cleaning to do before everyone starting arriving. Min left Frankfort early this morning to come back home for the party. She actually got home early enought that we were all able to go out to lunch together. We went out to the Omega Grill and Eric and Amanda came out to Geneseo to meet us. We had a really nice lunch and Eric and Amanda decided that they would come out to the party tonight after all.

After lunch we went over to Walmart and Wegmans and did some last minute shopping for the party. We needed some karaoke CDs because we have almost none from before. We decided that this year we were tired of doing the semi-formal thing that we have been doing the last several years so we decided to do a pajama party instead. We figured that that would be significantly different. But it helps to make everything less formal. It is easier to hang out if everyone is in their pjs.

We got home and the girls went to work getting food ready for the party. There is a lot to get done. The guys mostly worked on getting the place clean and set up. We didn’t manage to get ready until the very last minute, but what else would you expect?

Everyone started arriving around 7:00 – 7:30. We had a pretty decent turn out this year. The weather was good so that really helped. We really didn’t announce the party at all. This year has been so hectic that it was really our last priority to do anything big. The party was pretty mellow. It didn’t really get out of control at all. I guess the majority of us are starting to get to that age where we just don’t party like we used to. Its tough getting older.

For the most part the party was winding down around 1:30. I went to bed right around 2:00. I have no idea how long people decided to hang around after that.

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