January 10, 2005

Amazon emailed all of their loyal Coupling fans to let us know that Coupling: Season Four is releasing on January 25th. So, in support of SGL, please go to the Amazon link on the navigation bar and order your copy of Coupling: Season Four!

I didn’t manage to get to bed until well after 7:00 this morning. I was doing some work last night and accidentally killed the email server. So that meant that I had no choice but to work until it worked and it really needed to be fixed before start of business this morning. So that made for a very, very long night. I really should learn not to do things like that late at night, this always happens.

I woke up briefly when Min got home around 7:45 and then was pretty much up by 8:30 because people needed me all morning for one thing or another. I never get a chance to sleep when I really need it.

Around 11:20 I headed out for Rochester for a meeting at the Pakistan House in Brighton. The food there is really amazing and their lunch buffet is really cheap. Everyone should get out there and try them out. They have never been busy any time that I have been there which is very sad because the food is amazing and the staff is genuinly awesome. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in the area and we need to make sure that they don’t go out of business.

I came back home around 3:00 and promptly went to bed. I didn’t feel all that tired but I was out like a light and slept until after Min had gotten up and showered around 7:00. Altogether, that is only about five hours of sleep, but still. I felt like crap, though, the rest of the day. Sometimes, when my sleep pattern gets disrupted, I just end up feeling awful all day no matter what I do. I haven’t figured out yet what causes that.

Speaking of sleeping – still no work on my CPAP machine. It has been an entire month and the Associated Sleep Center still hasn’t bothered to do anything about the second sleep study that I did. A month is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for nothing. I am not even waiting for anything to be done. All they have to do is officially send the recommendation over to my doctor to have everything taken care of. But they just don’t bother. I actually believe that they have lost my records and are trying to cover for it. Because at one point they said that they had submitted them to my doctor and that was about three weeks ago. Then a week later they said that they had just sent them to an internal doctor. The bottom line is, they really don’t know what is going on there at all. And really it would be a million times easier for me to just go out and buy a CPAP machine on my own anyway. It isn’t like a drug or anything, you can just get them at the store or on eBay. Which is sounding more and more like the way to go and just cut the doctor out of the picture.

Min, Andy and I went out to Aunt Cookies to get some subs for dinner. It isn’t often that Min is in the mood for subs so we have to take our opportunities when we get them.

After we got back, Min and I watched another three episodes of A Fine Romance: Season Three, only two more episodes to go after this.

Min and I are hoping to be able to schedule a trip down to Pittsburgh late next week. It is just about our last chance to use some of her free hotel stays that she gets with her job during the winter and I need to do some work down there so we thought that it would be a nice opportunity for us to get down there. So we will see what we can schedule but we will probably be down there two or three nights next week. I am supposed to be back at Wegmans the week after next and I will be really busy once I am back there.

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