January 9, 2005

I had to get up and get moving this morning because I had to have Jeremy home by 9:30 so that he could practice for his duet with his dad at church this morning. I am definitely not used to getting up early on a Sunday morning. Min was not able to get out of bed when I did, though, so she is still sleeping. Jeremy is planning on having an AoE2 LAN party on Friday. He has two of his friends from school coming over and me coming over to be on his team to show them how the game is played. That will be nice because I haven’t played in a month or two.

I got back home and Min was still sleeping. So I had to get her up to get her ready for church. We actually got to church on time today which is pretty amazing for us. We are always late whenever we go over to LaGrange. It is always farther away than we think that it is.

After church we went over to Perry as usual and had lunch with dad at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant. Min and I got back just in time for her to get ready and to head off to work. I won’t really see her again until Wednesday 🙁

I had plenty of work to do today. Nate stopped by around 5:00 to pick up some stuff that he is taking down to Ithaca for me. I was lucky that he was up this way this weekend so that I didn’t have to make the trip down to Ithaca unnecessarily. The last thing I need this week is extra driving and losing an entire day dealing with little things. I have a quite busy week this week and will be out of the office for much of the week. I have either meetings or appointments almost every day.

I talked to Cory Weiss today and we decided to get together for coffee or light dinner since neither of us has seen each other in months. He has a new job up in Rochester that keeps him really busy. He is travelling most of the time to far away places like Texas, Idaho and California.

Well, Cory disappeared on me and I wasn’t able to get a hold of him so Andy and I ended up going out for dinner at Tom Wahl’s. That was good, I hadn’t been there in a while. After we got back, I decided to take it easy for a while and watch some movies. I watched Flight of the Intruder and Gangs of New York. I had never seen Gangs before, that is a really good movie. I was wondering why everyone kept saying that it was so violent but now I know. Daniel Day-Lewis is really amazing. You can’t even believe that it is him at all.

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