January 31, 2005

The last day of January. Whoo-hoo. We passed another quarter in the archives and are now in the second busiest quarter of SGL EVER! And two whole months of updates left to go. We are really underway now. I hope that everyone is really reading the pages now because I am putting a ton of work into getting these up to date all of the time.

Min and I went to breakfast with dad this morning over at the Omega Grill. We haven’t seen dad in a while because he has been spending so much time with grandma who has been in intensive care up in Batavia for over a week now. He is really exhausted from having spent so much time over there. Jeremy was supposed to have gone to breakfast with us this morning but he didn’t go to bed until after 7:00 and he was dead tired so I just let him sleep when we went. We woke him up when we got back and dad took him home for me.

I was busy today moving web sites over from our old firewall / web accelleration server and over to our new web server that went into production a week ago. I have been very busy relocating and reasigning machines recently but the basement is getting cleaned out, the systems run more smoothly and soon there will be fewer machines taking up space in the basement.

I did a lot of work on the server today and it caused the site to not be available for a large portion of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience to all of the people that were trying to look at the site while it was being worked on. I know that there were a number of people who were trying because I was watching the proxy logs and I could see people trying to look at the site. It was very sad. Both the web pages and email has been up and down all day as I work on it. Unfortunately, since I work on that stuff during the day it really ties me to the office because I really can’t do anything while the servers aren’t working.

I called Mazda tonight about my car and the clutch issue and they sent down a flatbed to haul the car up to the dealer in East Rochester. That is really nice because I was concerned about driving the car and about how much a tow was going to cost. So this worked out really well. I love having a car that is still under warranty. After the car got taken away, Andy and I drove down to Main Street and went to Aunt Cookies and picked up some subs for dinner and brought them back to the house.

Min’s car is due for its inspection today but we weren’t able to schedule getting it in anyplace so we had to settle for having it inspected on Wednesday. But at least we don’t have to leave town to get it done. But we have to drop it off all day which is annoying, especially when my car is in the shop too. Not only that, but dad’s second car, the one that he was going to sell to Andy, died. It’s engine just died, apparently a really common problem in the GM’s of that year. My aunt and uncle’s car of the same year died last week within a few days of dad’s too. So there are NO spare cars anywhere in this family. Good thing that Andy didn’t get that car earlier because this would have really sucked.

Min and I ate dinner and watched some movies. We watched Town and Country and Jet Lag with Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche. Town and Country was okay but nothing special. Jet Lag, I thought, was really good. It was a nice change from the ordinary love story and I am a really big fan of both actors and they were pretty much the only people in the movie. We started the movies so late that Min had to rush right off to work as soon as we were done.

The site went down again sometime during the late evening, I am not sure why. I ended up working on it really late and didn’t get the site back online until after 2:30 am. Just what I needed, another really late night. I have been having a terrible challenge just trying to get back to a regular schedule. Min working extra overnights this week and next aren’t going to help anything either. She is working Wednesday nights in addition to her regular shifts because someone at work needed the time off. It is good because it is extra money but the timing isn’t real great.

Well, with today’s decently long update, we have passed yet another archived quarter of updates making this January alone the ninth busiest quarter for updates, whoo-hoo. Finally we are back on track! I know that it has taken a long time but the fact that I can write so much faster now really helps too.

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