January 30, 2005

I woke up just in time to realize how late it was and to get Min out of bed and off to work. She was probably running a little bit late but she wasn’t too bad when she left. That was a close one, though, everyone in the house was asleep and there weren’t any alarms set. She could easily have slept through a few hours of her shift. Because I have modified the office downstairs, the only computer that I have to work with is my laptop until my new Mac Mini arrives so Min wasn’t able to take my laptop into work tonight. She was very sad. It is unfortunate that it is the next few weeks that I am without a regular desktop because we JUST discovered how Min can be online with the laptop while she is working. We were really looking forward to being able to chat over Jabber while she was at work and she could catch up on her emails and stuff.

I worked down in the office for a little while and then Andy and I went out to get some “lunch” or maybe it was dinner. We went over to Denny’s. We got there a lot. We were going to go up to Henrietta and bring some food to Min while she was at work but we called just after she had ordered some Chinese food to be delivered so we decided to just stay down in Geneseo and to not tempt ourselves to go to Borders and to go shopping.

We got back from dinner just in time for my dad to call and ask if I waned to go to dinner. But we are going to go to breakfast tomorrow morning instead. Andy did some practicing on AoE2, trying to catch up with the master, I guess.

Jeremy came over this evening pretty late. He was really bummed that he hadn’t had a chance to play AoE2 the other night so he came over to get a little gaming in tonight. Andy didn’t want to play but eventually broke down and went for a game. He could not resist the call of AoE2. We only played one one-on-one-on-one game but it was a pretty good one. I won, of course. But it was a good game.

Jeremy spent the night and dad will probably be taking him home tomorrow after breakfast.

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