January 4, 2005

When I got home last night, I decided that it wasn’t worth getting up really early in the morning for the Microsoft show in Buffalo so I only registered for the afternoon show and slept in this morning. That is good because I would have been far too tired to have been of any use today had I not done so.

There still has been no word about the CPAP machine that I am supposed to be getting. These doctors don’t seem to be very concerned about getting their money because they sure are taking their sweet time getting me the machine. It has been three weeks today that I haven’t gotten the machine after I did the second sleep study that confirmed my need for it.

I called Eric at the hospital at 11:00 to see if he was busy and if he might want to join me for the Microsoft show out in Buffalo. He decided that he would come along so he drove down to the house and met me and then we headed out for Buffalo. The weather was still really nice today so the drive was fine. What a great January we are having!

The show lastest until 4:30 and then we headed home. On the way back, we stopped in Varysburg to get some gas. Gas is down to just $1.92 a gallon! After a year or more of $2+, it is nice to see the prices down nearer to where I remember them. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago I saw gas for under a dollar!

Dad came over just after I got home and he, Min and I went out to the Shanghai for some Chinese Buffet. Then we headed back over to the house to watch The Fellowship of the Ring. We didn’t watch the extended edition because Jeremy borrowed that one a week or two ago and hasn’t brought it back yet. But it probably worked out for the best since dad has a really hard time making it through the movies and having it shorter makes it a little bit easier. Min didn’t quite get to finish the movie because she had to get off to work. At least it is her last night for the week.

Dad went home after the movie and I went to work. We have been so busy recently with our new Desktop Assurance program that I have barely had any time to get any of our new customers set up and running. It has been a real problem that we have, for once, been getting requests for service faster than we can deliver. Those are the kinds of problems that are nice to have but the real problem is that we are totally swamped right now and will be completely slow again in no time. If it was all spread out evenly, it would be a lot better. But, beggars can’t be choosers. So I am very busy again much like I was last month.

I ended up working all through the night. I didn’t even bother going to bed. I made some real headway so I wanted to keep moving and there was stuff going on in the morning so I didn’t feel that I could go to sleep past a certain point and be able to function in the morning so I decided that the best thing to do was to stay up all night. It has been a while since I worked all through the night. I almost feel young again. Okay, not really.

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