January 5, 2005

Dad got online this morning at 6:30 and we made plans for him to come over and to do some work on his computer. He is swapping out the old, 40GB harddrive in favour of a new 200GB hard drive. I wish that I had hard drives that size! My main machine does have 200GB of storage but spread out over three drives.

Min got home at just about 8:00 and brought me a donut from Tim Horton’s. Then I hopped into the shower to wake myself up a little bit before I had to be on an 8:30 phone conference with Dell and Wegmans. That project is still moving forward and we are still planning on performing the rollout for Wegmans this month. It is nice to know that there is work on the horizon but also to know that it isn’t going to be very stressful and to have some time to get caught up on other things between now and then.

Dad got over to the house around 8:15 but I had to get onto the phone for the conference. But it didn’t last very long so we were able to go to breakfast before 9:00. The three of us went over to Denny’s and hung out for a while.

I worked around the basement for an hour or so before deciding that I had to call it a day. I just had no energy left and was getting a little bit delirious. So I went to bed. Min, who had been working all night, decided to stay up for a while longer to keep playing The Sims 2. She probably played for a total of about three hours before going to bed around 2:00 in the afternoon. She is really addicted to that game.

I rolled out of bed around 5:00. It has been a while since I slept during the day. I really do think that I prefer doing that though because I find that the middle of the day is very relaxing to be for sleep but very unproductive if I am awake. But since everyone else is awake during the day, it doesn’t normally work out all that well for me. If I didn’t have to ever interact with other people, I would almost for sure sleep during the day almost all of the time.

Min and I went out to dinner at McDonald’s in Geneseo. We were the only customers there when we got there and walked in in the middle of a fight between one of the employees and her manager. That is always a little bit uncomfortable. We got our order in and just barely sat down to eat just in time to watch the girl go storming out. It is too bad, she was one of their best employees. The McDonalds here has a really hard time keeping the place running smoothly. Must be all of the college students. Often we will avoid eating in Geneseo and will get McD’s from Henrietta where the food is consistently quite a bit better.

Originally Min, dad, Jeremy and I were going to be spending the day at the Rochester Microsoft show tomorrow but the weather is expected to be really bad and everyone felt uncomfortable about going so we decided to reschedule and go to the same show when it comes to Ithaca in March. That should give us better weather and it will give us more time to get people scheduled to go with us.

Min and I went down to my grandma’s for the evening to hang out. We almost never get a chance to spend any amount of time down there so we wanted to visit for a while. We ended up staying until after 11:00. While we were there, Jeremy was down in the basement playing Dance Dance Revolution (or some version of it) on the PlayStation 2 so Min went down to try it out. She really liked it and decided to try to get a version for herself. We are hoping that that does not involve buying a PS2 just to play something like that.

I ended up staying up late again tonight working on our Desktop Assurance program. I am definitely earning my money on this initiative.

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