January 7, 2005

Finally it is Friday. I am really looking forward to the weekend. Min and I stayed up late last night with the Millen’s watching The Return of the King. After they went home, I did a little bit of work on my next certification but was really tired and fell asleep quickly. Min stayed up until 4:00 in the morning playing The Sims 2. I think that this is starting to not be healthy.

Min didn’t get up until after noon. I spent the early part of the day on the phone setting up meetings for next week. Dad came over a little before one and we all went out to the Big Tree Inn in Geneseo for some lunch. It was really good, I was significantly underdressed not thinking that we were going anyplace like that for lunch. I was planning on Denny’s or the Omega Grill.

After lunch, we came back and watched the extended edition of The Two Towers because dad hasn’t seen it yet. We have been trying to get him to watch the series for a while and he has finally agreed to struggle through it. We made it through the first one a few days ago although it wasn’t the extended edition. Those really are long. He was falling asleep during this one. Only one more to go. It will probably be the middle of next week before he manages to watch that one.

We went out to McDonalds after the movie and got a quick dinner. Then Min and I came home and played some air hockey with Andy. But then Min decided to return to her video game upstairs. Andy and I ran out to Wegmans to do some quick shopping – just snacks and stuff.

At 10:00, Min and I decided that we wanted to do some shopping so she and I hopped in the car and drove up to Borders in Henrietta. I have been wanting to get the book “The Object Oriented Thought Process” for a while and Min wanted to look at some knitting magazines and books as usual. We also picked up the third and final season of A Fine Romance starring Judy Dench back in 1983. Then we went over to the Henrietta Walmart to do some small shopping. We closed down both stores and then decided to try the Movies 10 in Brighton to see if anything good was showing there. But there wasn’t anything worth sitting through at all. In fact, they are still running Napolean Dynamite even though it has been out on video for weeks. And at $2 each, that is way too much of the total cost of purchasing that movie to even consider it. Plus I have seen it just recently since both Andy and my cousin own it. So we decided to just come home.

We watched the first three episodes of A Fine Romance: Season 3 before going to bed. We also read in bed because Min has been keeping herself up late every night playing video games. And she really wanted to read some of her new knitting book and I wanted to read some of my new book on Indian history.

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