January 6, 2005

I slept in a bit this morning. I seem to say that an awful lot don’t I? But Min slept in until the afternoon. I, at least, was out of bed mid-morning. I was up late last night working. Up until 4:00 actually. Min was playing The Sims 2 in case you hadn’t guessed. She loses all track of time when she plays that.

A bunch of us were supposed to be going to the Microsoft show this morning but the weather was potentially not going to be very good so we decided that it wasn’t worth going to the show today when they are going to be in Ithaca in two months. Besides, I made it to the show on Tuesday and that was the most important one for me to be at so it worked out well, I think. But, since the weather is bad and there was nothing pressing on my schedule anyway, I am kind of taking today as a snow day. All I really have to do is run out to UPS and the post office for a couple of things and I can call it a day. I need to relax a little bit so this is nice.

I think that I forgot to mention, the only class that I was worried about came through as completed. So, I am one step closer to having officially graduated in December. All of my classes for graduation are done and there isn’t any concern about me having passed them. All I have to do yet is defend my courses as appropriate for my degree and I am done.

The weather got a bit better today so Min and I went out to lunch in the middle of the afternoon and ran some errands like going to the post office and to the new UPS store that is just around the corner from the house. I have been needing to get to both of those places for forever. It is so difficult to get all of the little errands run but they really build up.

We went to Aunt Cookies for lunch and got some subs. Yummy. Then we ran our errands and headed back to the house. Nothing exciting. We did see that a Starbucks is going into the old Dell Taco just around the corner from us. I don’t really like their coffee but I really like coffee shops. But I don’t think that Starbucks has free wireless and that makes them kind of worthless.

Eric and Amanda came over around 8:00 and we watched the new Return of the King: Extended Edition which none of us had seen yet. It is still missing large amounts of the books that we were sure that they were going to include in the movie. But they left it out. It was probably a good decision but we were really expecting some stuff. The movie was really long and they didn’t get to leave the house until after 1:00 in the morning. They both have to be up at 5:00 tomorrow and Julia will probably be awake all night so they will probably be really tired tomorrow.

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