February 10, 2005

I have one of those 365 day Dilbert calendars sitting on my desk. Having a calendar in that format is really depressing to me. It really helps me see the time passing and boy is it passing quickly. We are already just about half way through the second month of 2005! Where does the time go? It is really true what they say about time passing faster and faster as you get older. I am so glad that I am blogging regularly now because it really helps me get a grip on my life as it goes whizzing by. Just yesterday dad needed me to figure out when something had happened and I went back through my records looking for myself talking about that item and we were able to determine that it had happened two months longer ago than either of us had thought. It is really useful to have you life written down like this. Seems silly, but there is a lot to be said for it. Not to mention all of the typing practice that I get everyday. You may not believe this, but I write this stuff all by myself – no secretaries or typing pool or anything to help out with it.

Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting at Cracker Barrel, Miranda will be so jealous. Speaking of which, Miranda is coming down this evening to visit for the weekend.

I managed to accidentally not get my CPAP machine on before falling asleep last night so I woke up without getting a very good night’s sleep this morning. I overslept and felt like poop. Min woke me up and got me headed off to Castile to work at the school. Dad met me down there. I picked up some McDonald’s on the way since I was running so late and we were starting to overlap with lunch time.

Dad worked on wiring with me until 2:15 or so. Then he had to leave so that he could go take his shift down with Grandma. He got the part that I would have had a problem with taken care of so that worked out well. I stayed for a long time getting everything else working. I was there until after 7:00 but I finally got almost all of the wiring tested and working, the server up and working and three desktops working. That was no small feat. I had to run all over the school all day long. And because the computers were having issues getting onto the network, they were taking absolutely forever to start up and shut down.

I stopped by the Silver Lake Country Market in Perry on the way home to pick up some subs because was really tired and didn’t feel like cooking. So it was closer to 8:00 by the time that I finally got home.

I had to wake Min up when I got in and we went down to the theatre and watched Shark Tales that Min picked up at Walmart today. That movie really wasn’t very good. Definitely not anything like Shrek. It was okay but much more of a little kid’s movie and fairly boring. After that, Min went to bed, she was really tired still, even with the nap. So she went to bed and I watched Darkman which I haven’t seen in a very long time. I didn’t realize that Sam Raimi was in it as much as he was, he was a big character in the beginning.

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