February 11, 2005

Little Canadian Flag I had a lunch meeting today up at the Cracker Barrel in Henrietta. That was a really funny place for a lunch meeting but it worked. I went there at 11:30 and the meeting went on until about 1:15. It went well, I think. Then I had an afternoon meeting at Starbucks with about an hour in between so I ran over to the hospital and grabbed Eric and we went over to Starbucks early to have some Chantico while I was waiting for my second meeting. The guy that I was meeting with this afternoon, Craig, ended up having to cancel on me so Eric and I just hung out until it was time to head on home. While I was out today, Min and Miranda went out shopping in the South Wedge. Miranda claims that “she won’t absolutely never go shopping with Min again.” So Min must have been on good behaviour today.

On my way home from the city I stopped off at Walmart and picked up some new movies. They have new movies in the really cheap bin and they have a new section of almost as cheap as that movies. I went crazy, again, and picked up a number of new movies including the following: Love Me Tender, Terms of Endearment, Funny Face, The Italian Job, Overboard, Valmont, Impromptu and The Talented Mr. Ripley. We are incredibly close to a full 1000 movies at this point. Only a week or two away, most likely.

So, the other day Josh asked me to have a game tonight because he wasn’t able to see Jo tonight and he thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to play some AoE2. We hadn’t been planning on having a game tonight but I said that we would see what we could do so that he would be able to play. So we scheduled and game and haven’t been able to get a hold of Josh in two days. I finally got a hold of him around 6:30 tonight but he isn’t sure if he will be playing or not. We have the VPN working so that he can play from home. I am really hoping that we can get one or two people to play from home on a regular basis. We did that before with Josh and it worked really well. It would be nice to have about three players playing that way because it allows us to have secret teams and forces us to communicate online.

We ended up playing with just Min, Andy, Jeremy and I. Josh never got back to us. Andy called it a night at 12:30. Jeremy and I played one last fast game and called it a night. I am pretty tired and want to be in good shape tomorrow.

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