February 14, 2006: Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

I actually managed to wake up this morning a minute before the alarm went off. That is a good sign that I am adjusting to the CPAP and getting a little bit back to my regular sleep habits. I got up at 6:20 and showered and headed on out to do my early Valentine’s Day shopping. I got a dozen pink roses and a card for Min and then headed up to meet her at the hotel so that we could go out for breakfast. I got to the hotel around 7:40 and we went up to Mel’s Diner. Breakfast was nice but Min was falling asleep before we were done so I took her back down to the hotel and she got her car and headed on home. I drove up to the hospital and met up with Eric. I had to drop off some stuff for him to ship to Washington and then we ran out to Bruegger’s to get some coffee. They have better coffee than Starbucks – Starbucks only offers burnt coffee but Bruegger’s has a selection of different types of roasts not just the wussie low caffeine stuff like SB.

After coffee I had to run up to Walmart to return one of those mushroom chairs that collapsed but, of course, they didn’t have any more of them there and I didn’t have a receipt with me because I was planning on just exchanging it so I ended up having to bring it back home with me. I hate shopping at the Chili Ave. Walmart because everyone that works there is so upset that they had to come to work and earn a living. It is really awful being in there.

Min slept the majority of the day having gotten home late because we went out to breakfast. Miranda didn’t leave today like she had been planning on because the weather was really bad and it was relatively dangerous to drive anywhere. Not a good day for long distance travelling.

Min cooked dinner here because we didn’t feel like going out to eat. Valentine’s Day is just such a pain to deal with if you go anywhere. So we ate and watched Elvis’ first movie Love Me Tender which was pretty awful. Elvis wasn’t really the star and played the pathetic, spasmatic little brother of the star who hasn’t got a clue. He spends most of the movie acting like he was being electricuted and singing love songs to his brother and mother. Really bizarre. The movie was not entertaining in the least. We barely got enough time to finish the movie before Min had to get off to work. So it was a really short evening.

After Min went off to work, I sat down and finished watching The Italian Job that we had started a few days ago. That movie was even worse than Love Me Tender. I can’t believe how dumb and boring it was. I can’t believe that it even occurred to them to remake such an awful film or to use the name again.

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