February 15, 2005

Min got home this morning and did some laundry before going to bed. She was really tired, though, and decided not to join dad and I for breakfast. Dad picked me up at 8:30 and we went over to the Omega Grill. They actually had some cinnamon rolls there today – so I had two. I was supposed to have a lunch meeting today with one of our competitors up at the Pakistan House in Brighton but my schedule for the day was getting pretty full so I decided to postpone the luncheon until tomorrow when I could actually fit it in. Of course, now tomorrow is already starting to become a very busy day.

When I got home from breakfast around 10:30, Andy had just gotten out of bed and hadn’t headed into work yet. I guess he is going to be a little bit late today. Miranda was still here when I got in but I expect that she is going to use the good weather to get back to North Bay since the weather is supposed to be bad again starting tomorrow and for almost a week.

Eric sent me an interesting link about Lake Titicaca today, I thought that I would share.

I went upstairs around noon and found Andy and Miranda both gone so I am imagining that they went out to get some lunch before she headed back to Canada and he headed back to Wegmans.

I worked on some training paperwork for the Castile school for the few hours that I had this afternoon. I headed out around 2:00 to get down to the school. Dad is meeting me down there and Min decided that it was more important for her to sleep than to get a chance to actually see the school. She is supposed to be teaching there once a week or so starting next week.

I spoke at the school from 3:00 till about 4:45. I think that I gave everyone enough information to definitely make them completely glaze over. But it went well – I think. I will probably be in there a bit next week getting them ready for Min to teach on Friday. She will be working with the ninth graders on Friday.

Dad came over after working at the school and we grabbed Min and went to dinner at Denny’s. Andy was pulling in the driveway as we were pulling out and he decided to come over to Denny’s with us but had to stop by the house first. Dad was in a little bit of a hurry because he had to get down to Grandma’s by 6:00. Andy took a really long time getting over to the restaurant so we went ahead and ordered. We ended up getting our food just as he was getting there. He had decided that he needed to talk to the contracting firm that he works through to let them know that he was turning down further work at Wegmans and that they needed to deal with it because Wegmans was making some weird assumptions that he would be there forever even though they never asked him to extend past the original six months that they had discussed. So his plan is to be done there around the first week of April unless they are willing to drop him to just three days a week, then he will probably stay on for a long time. But no one ever does that, even though they don’t even begin to have work to keep him busy three days a week they will only be happy wasting forty hours worth of money and not just twenty-four. No one knows why, that is just the way managers are. It’s the Dilbert Principle.

After dinner, we got home and Min was really tired. I can tell when she is so tired that she is going to fall asleep one way or another and there is no point to me trying to get her to do anything because she is just going to sleep through it anyway. So we took a nap for a couple of hours before she had to go to work. While she was napping, I listened to a few hours of IT interviews recorded from ITConversations on Andy’s MP3 player.

After Min went to work, I went down to the office to work on preparing another computer for the school. If possible, I would like to get two or three more ready for them before next week. I had some technical challenges with this one computer – but then again, when have I ever worked on a computer and not had technical challenges. It is really amazing just how often things go wrong even when you are doing the simplest things. What I am doing on this machine is removing the existing processor and installing a slightly faster one. It wasn’t enough to make it worth putting in the new one just to go a little faster but I was unable to let this machine leave previously because we needed its processor for something specific. So being able to replace the processor was a big deal. Basically it resulted in a free machine just appearing out of nowhere. What a good deal.

I checked on the shipping for my Mac Mini and five days is not exactly how it is going to work out. They shipped it on Friday night or Saturday morning. Assuming that all of the weekend days were not to be counted, five days would put the delivery on Friday with the weekend as a shipping buffer since FedEx does transport over the weekend. But no, it isn’t scheduled to arrive until the 21st. Nine days of shipping, not five. It is very sad, I am ready to try the switch. I need something new to play with and this is taking an awfully long time. Andy has been having fun with his new Mac Mini for weeks now:(

I am meeting with dad and Pastor Dan for breakfast in Perry tomorrow morning. After breakfast, dad and I have a super short presentation that we have to give in Perry. Then I have to go to the city for lunch at the Pakistan house that I missed today. I don’t think that I have anything really planned for the afternoon. Thursday I should be in Ithaca all day.

The game is on for this Friday. As far as I know, we are going to have a full house. Min, Andy, Jeremy and I are definitely confirmed. Josh thinks that he can play from home through the VPN. Art and Danielle can probably play. That only leaves Tony or Phil as the unknown factor. Or Bob if he plays remotely.

I decided to add a link to Wil Wheaton’s Blog over on the navigation bar because I think that he really does an amazing job of writing a blog. He really knows how to write entertainingly and yet gets really personal and is able to express his feeling very well in his writing. So there is a link to head on over to his site. He only updates every few days so he doesn’t need to be visited everyday like some really cool blogs do.

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