February 2, 2005

Well, we are looking forward to six more weeks of winter and a HAPPY 11th ANNIVERSARY TO ART AND DANIELLE RALSTON!!

Wow, eleven years, it is hard to believe that it has been that long. Starts to make you feel old.

I got woken this morning by a phone call from work needing to get some direction from me around 7:30 this morning. One thing that I hate about using the CPAP is having to wake up and answer the phone. Dealing with the mask that is tightly strapped onto my face is not really all that easy when I am trying to answer the phone as well and get myself awake enough to deal with both things. I tried to get into the shower around 7:50 and get moving but just as I started to get up I heard Andy head into his shower so I lay back down and waited for him. Min got home around 8:00 and we headed off to breakfast with dad at 8:45. On the way to breakfast, we dropped Min’s car off at M&R Automotive by Walmart to get it inspected. It is two days past due.

After breakfast, dad drove me up to East Rochester to pick up my car that was in the shop for the clutch noise that I had heard and I got an oil change while it was in there. Apparently there is nothing wrong with the car and it drove okay for the rest of the day so I suppose that it is alright.

On the way back from the dealer I stopped in at the University of Rochester and caught Eric busy assembling waste carts for the hospital (very exciting.) It was around lunch time so we took off and headed over to Jay’s Diner for some coffee. I had just eaten a little bit before so I wasn’t hungry and Eric had packed a lunch so we just had some coffee. I did eventually break down and had an apple danish too.

I got home around 3:30 and did some work around the house – mostly making telephone calls until 4:00 when I walked over to M&R to pick up Min’s car. I would have had her drive me over but she has been really exhausted recently and with her working the extra shift tonight, I wanted her to get her sleep. The roads were clear and it was bright out and it wasn’t all that cold today. It was about 45 minutes of brisk walking to get over to the shop. Luckily I made it just a few minutes before they closed so I was able to get the car and drive back home. I did not feel like walking that twice, fast, in this weather. Once was enough.

For anyone attempting to use the web interface to the email system today, we are aware now that there is an issue accessing it from outside of the NTI network and we are working on it. I expect it to be back up and running within twenty-four hours.

Andy got home around 7:00 and I decided to wake up Min at 7:15. She has been really tired the last few days and I figured that she needed her sleep. She didn’t actually pull herself out of bed, though, until a bit after 7:30.

Hoy, voy a tener un solo párrafo writen en otra lengua. Apenas para ser diferente, ninguna razón particular. Pensé que estaría entreteniendo. Intentaré quizá esto a partir de tiempo al tiempo. ¿He pensado siempre eso que decía “qué el crap” en español era divertido – no usted?

This evening’s big project is to get the computers set up for the Castile Christian Academy. I finally have the Proliant 3000 taken out of service and ready to be installed as the school’s big iron Linux server. I think that it will do a really good job and should be able to last them for a few years, at least. It is quite the project, though, to build an entire information system for a school. This week we are trying to get their first server, their first six desktops and their firewall in place. It will be a stretch to get in their this week but that is the goal. By next school year, I hope to have a lot more stuff going on there, enough to really let them start using computer effectively throughout the school.

Min and I went out to Walmart to do some quick shopping. We needed some buns so that we could make Sloppy Joes for dinner. She had a hankerin’ (yeah I said it) for Sloppy Joes. We picked up some movies (I know, I know, I say that about every time that we go out) that were on sale. We really wanted to get Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair but Walmart for only carrying the pan and scan version and we weren’t willing to buy that, especially not of that movie and especially not for $19. What a joke. We got The Beverley HillBillies, Pretty in Pink, Pillow Talk, AntiTrust, Ray, For Love Or Money, Far and Away, Always and one other movie that Min took to work before I could write it down so I don’t know what it was. A lot of these movies were on sale really cheaply and are replacements for laserdiscs that I have. That is three less laserdiscs just today. The LD collection is dwindling as everything that we really care about is being converted. I will always maintain a decent number of LD’s for the movies that I will almost never want to watch again but want to keep the option.

While working on the server, I have to wear earplugs because it is so loud that I get nauseous being around it for just a minute or two. The sound of the motors really gets to me.

Min made dinner and we watched a little bit of The Beverley Hillbillies while we ate. It was so late when Min got up that by the time we were done eating she only had fifteen minutes or so before she had to get ready to go to work. She burnt her finger really badly while cooking dinner. She burnt it badly enough that it hurt for over half an hour and she had to put special burn cream onto it.

I had some issues getting the server install going and I didn’t get a real install started until a little bit after midnight. That sucks because I would really like to get some sleep sometime this week. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon up in Rochester. Then, directly after my meeting I am going over to Eric’s parent’s house for dinner along with Eric, Amanda and Julia, Min and my dad. We aren’t sure what we are going to have for dinner since us being vegetarian is a bit of a surprise.

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