February 3, 2005

Well, yesterday’s dailies were enough to take us one notch higher on the list. I stayed up pretty late last night installing SUSE Linux on that Compaq Proliant 3000. It took a really long time but I finally got it working the way that I wanted and I think that it is going to do a really good job for the school.

Danielle took Min out shopping at Aldi’s this morning. Min has been wanting to try getting some groceries there but was nervous about going there on her own. Danielle has been going there for a while so she should Min how it works.

I had to leave the house at 1:30 to make it up to the Starbucks in Brighton for my 2:00 meeting. That went really well and we were there until about 4:30. Then I headed over to the hospital which is right next door, practically, and talked to Eric for a little bit. We are having dinner at his parent’s house at 6:00 but he and Amanda aren’t able to get there until almost 7:00. I left the hospital at 5:00 and Eric was just about to leave. I drove home and picked up Min and we ran over to Wegmans to pick up a hostess gift and then we heaed out towards Warsaw.

We arrived over at the Millen’s around 6:30. Dad had only gotten there a little bit before we did. Pete and Patty and their kids arrived around 7:00 and Eric, Amanda and Julia got there just a little bit after that. We had a really nice time and hung around until 9:30 or maybe 10:00. Min and I were both totally exhausted by the time we headed out. I have been losing ground on my sleep all week and Min has too. So we really needed to get to bed.

Andy, apparently, had to work a lot extra today. He wasn’t even home yet when we got home a little bit after 10:00. I never ended up seeing him since I went straight to bed. Min watched a little bit of the first season of Star Trek before turning in.

Things are looking good for having another AoE2 party tomorrow night. If we have everyone that we think we do, then we already have seven people committed to playing… Min, Andy, Tony, Jeremy, Art, Danielle and myself. So only one open spot left for anyone interested in playing.

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