February 20, 2005

We were up and at’em early this morning. Min and I actually managed to get to church early for once. That was pretty amazing. I can’t remember a time that we were actually early for church. More or less on time, sure, from time to time that will happen. But early is unprecedented. We tried a new way of getting from home to LaGrange today going up Covington Road in Leicester and that took a few minutes off of the trip.

After church it was time for our weekly luncheon with dad at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant where Eric used to work, many moons ago. We got home just in time for Min to head on off to work. The weather is supposed to be really awful tomorrow morning so I might have to go up to Henrietta to pick her up.

I got home and Andy and I hung out for a few hours in the living room talking. It is nice having a real living room that doesn’t have any sort of a television in it because it doesn’t tempt you to just turn it on and watch whatever happens to be on. Of course, since we don’t have cable or an antenna, we aren’t normally all that tempted to do that anyway. But at least we aren’t tempted to pop a DVD in.

I rode along with Andy over to Denny’s to get dinner. I had eaten relatively recently so I just got some coffee and a salad. After eating we went over to Walmart to see if they had a doorknob that we needed but we weren’t able to find one. We did find some good movies in the bargain bins, though, like Abandon, Swing Shift, Memphis Belle and The Terminator. We didn’t get back to the house until almost 7:00 or so.

I have some catching up on the blog to do today. I have fallen a little bit behind the last few days because of the new computer. I don’t have everything set up yet to allow me to write the dailies from there so I am over on my laptop for now. I assume that I will have that all set up over the next few days. I am still getting used to the new system.

Only five days until Min is teaching her first class over at Castile Christian Academy so I am working tonight getting, hopefully, another computer ready to take over there. We want as many decently fast computers there as possible to make it easier for her to teach. The slow computers will be a real hinderance to the process. She and I plan on spending most of the day Friday over there getting things ready for the class in the morning and then her teaching the class in the afternoon. This is her first time as the actual teacher having to prepare a lesson for the class.

While I was working on the dailies, I decided to try out watching a movie on the Mac – so I watched The Man Who Knew Too Little with Bill Murray. It is awfully silly but relatively entertaining. It has some really funny people in it that you would never guess like the guy from the British television show that always says “I don’t believe it” – Father Ted fans know who I am talking about – and Alfred Molina who is always really, really good.

After The Man Who Knew Too Little, I decided to move on to Josie and the Pussycats. But between movies I spent some time reading Dancing Barefoot as I had to go back and forth between a couple of comuters for a while and wouldn’t have a chance to get into a movie. Actually, I was GOING to watch Josie but when I sat down to actually watch it, I decided that I was in the mood for something sentimental so I switched to Lover Come Back – another sappy sixties Hudson / Day movie. You know the ones, anything with Doris Day singing the title credit music has to be a certain type of movie.

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