February 21, 2005

Min was totally exhausted when she got in from work this morning. She had to work her regular double last night only she had two children’s hockey teams staying in the hotel which always makes for a lot of fun as well as having the chain’s QA guys checking in on her shift and beginning inspections first thing in the morning. So she had a ton of work to do and was sort-of under scrutiny the whole time. Not a lot of fun.

I had an important meeting up in the city today and not much else going on that really demanded my attention. So, to be sure that I would be on time, I went up to the city very early and met Eric over at Bruegger’s for a quick lunch. I love PB&J bagels for lunch. We got our regular coffees and hung out until it was time for my meeting. I had Eric drop me off because the meeting was at the UofR and it is always a complete pain trying to find your way around or to find anyplace to park. And even if you do find a place to park, it is going to cost you an arm and a leg just to park there and you will still have to walk three miles to get to the exact building that you need to be at. So having Eric drop me off at the door of the library made life a whole lot easier.

The meeting went well and I was on my way home by 3:00. I had to swing over to Home Depot to do some quick shopping for dad on the way home and head over to his place to get a replacement router to give a try. It turns out that accidentally three replacement routers were sent out to us instead of just one. Nothing can ever be normal.

I got home at 4:30 and got one of the replacement routers installed. Cross your fingers. Then I had to head right out because I am working on someone in Groveland’s home computer tonight. I don’t normally do this sort of stuff but the person was kind of desperate and wasn’t able to find anyone who was able to come out there and work on her computer so I had agreed. I was to be out there at 5:30. It ended up only taking me a few minutes out there and I was able to get home by 6:30.

We weren’t up to really doing anything for dinner tonight so we went over to Burger King and got some spicy fish sandwiches. I was hoping that they would be really interesting but it turns out that the “spicy” is really just Frank’s Red Hot poured onto the fish and that really isn’t a very good taste to go with fish. Actually, I alwasy complain about vinegar being a bad taste to go with fish and I also complain that Red Hot is just flavoured vinegar so that was definitely the wrong combination for me. It is weird eating at that Burger King now because I really have not eaten there very many times over the years and I have spent far more time working at that Burger King since that is the BK where I was trained as a manager back in the 90’s. So it holds a lot of memories for me. I can remember quite vividly sitting in the back room by the back door in a “closet” kind of space watching training videos showing Floridians making burgers and touching the food with their bare hands because in Florida there is almost no health code for restaurants and that is where the training videos were made. So everything we learned had to be prefaced with “do what we say, no what we do.” Man that was a lifetime ago.

After our quick dinner, Min and I ran down to Leicester and picked up Jeremy to come up and watch some Star Trek. It had recently come to our attention that Jeremy has never seen Star Trek and didn’t really know what it was. And I am not just talking about the original series but he has never seen anything of Star Trek, not even the movies or one of the newer series! So we had to remedy that situation. We showed him “Space Seed” with Khan from the first season of Star Trek and the we watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan which is by far one of the better movies. He wasn’t very impressed with the old television show but he did think that the movie wasn’t too bad.

I took Jeremy home just a little before midnight and came home to play with Mr. Humphries. He hasn’t been awake at time to get much attention lately and he has been really lacking in human companionship which is very important to an isolated hamster.

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