February 26, 2005

Today is Josh’s all day Lord of the Rings party. We are watching all three extended editions back to back to back. That will take some time.

Min had an appointment this morning in Perry so we had to get up and get moving first thing in the morning. I didn’t have to get up right away but didn’t really feel like staying in bed.

While Min was in Perry, I got the theatre ready to take over to Josh’s. We are taking the sub-woofer and the projector over for the party. It took me a while to break things down and to get them packed up and into the car. While I was getting ready, Phil called and said that he was going to be going to party and wanted me to bring his computer over for him. His computer has been at our house for almost a month now. So I got that packed up as well. With so many computers moving out of the house the last few days, we are really gaining a lot of space in the basement. I need to start getting as much stuff as I can packed into sealed plastic bins and moved out into the garage. We finally have some shelf space available out there as well. I have had one shell of a computer that died years ago sitting around the house that I finally threw out the other day and another one that needed a power supply that would have cost more than the computer was worth that I threw out. So that is seven computers just this week!

It took me a long time to get things packed up because I kept getting called about this job in Albany. They must have called close to eight times this morning wanting to talk about different aspects of the project. I still don’t think that the project will really happen, the state just doesn’t ever follow through on things that they hire for. I have learned my lesson about state projects over and over again. The state encourages the companies that they work with to lack integrity in all of their dealings.

Min got home just after noon and we managed to get out the door by about 12:15. We arrived at Josh’s around 1:00. Setting up the theatre was quite a project. Getting the projector set up took some doing because we had to deal with the cables and we had to switch DVD players to get one that had progressive scan. Josh built a projection screen out of a couple of white shower curtains which was fun mounting to the ceiling. It worked pretty well, though. We got to watch the movies in DTS ES 6.1 digital surround. It was awesome.

It was 2:30 when we finally got the movies started. It is going to be a long day. It is over twelve hours of movies! Min, Jo, Josh, Phil, Bob (that’s Montana Bob), Foz and I all made it for the marathon. I am writing today’s and yesterday’s updates while we are watching the movies. Bob has apparently never heard of SGL! Imagine that. I thought that we were the most well known site on the entire Internet 😉

Smudge, Josh’s cat, watched almost all of the movies with us. Smudge is 22 this year! Now that is an old cat.

Josh and Joann have moved up their wedding significantly but hadn’t told us. Josh had mentioned something to me a few weeks ago about there only being about fifteen weeks left before the wedding but when Min and I talked about it, we decided that Josh and I must have gotten confused because it was much farther out than that. But no, they are getting married in May, now. Right around the time that the final Star Wars movie releases. Foz said that Josh will be asked “Do you take this woman…” and Josh will answer “I will try” but the preacher will say “No, Do or Do Not, there is no Try!” – we all died laughing.

Boy, these movies are long! It sucks that Min and I watched all three of them not too long ago. But, for some strange reason, when watching them all together, they don’t really seem to be as long as you might imagine. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they really don’t have firm beginnings and endings. When Andy and I try to do the Star Trek marathon thing, it is always exhausting far earlier than with the LotR movies. I think that the starting and stopping and all of the recurring introductions in Star Trek really drags it out as you work your way through all of the films. The most entertaining part of watching the LotR trilogy is all of the running commentary coming from the room.

Only three more days until Eric’s virtual birthday. He will be 29 as well, shortly.

I almost forgot to mention, Jennifer Bulkley gave birth on Friday, the 18th, to a healthy boy – Gabriel Stephen Bulkley – 6 lbs 13 oz.

I ended up laying on the floor next to Min for almost all of the final movie. I was doing okay through the first two but we have seen the last one too many times recently and I just couldn’t keep sitting in the chair any longer. Right at the start of the final movie, Min went upstairs and got my birthday pie and brought it down and everyone sang happy birthday to me 🙂

We wrapped up the last movie around 2:30 in the morning. Got thing packed up and Min and I were in bed around 4:15. What a long day!

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