February 27, 2005

Well, the big news this morning is that the router is still up and working. 62 hours at the time that I am writing this. This is blowing away the previous record of just 27 hours or so. We are really hopeful that we have fixed the problem.

Min and I did the usual church and then lunch with dad down in Perry. Then we had to race home to get Min off to work on time. It sure would be nice if she just worked half an hour later or so. That would make a huge difference.

After Min went to work, Andy and I went out to get some coffee. Well, he went to get food and I went to get coffee. More coffee that is. Sunday is like coffee day for me. We went to Denny’s and got back home just after 6:00.

I forgot to mention on Friday that Andy decided to take a “mental health day” – being totally exhausted after putting up with everything going on at work. They are starting to get really whiny because he told them that he wasn’t happy because they weren’t providing him with any work to do and just having him sit there all day so his boss comes around and complains about having to find him work now. Really professional environment as you can tell. Yes, his manager actually complains that he has to find work for him to do. I can only imagine the serene life that they had before they hired a worker! It must be nice to live in a world where Danny Wegman is happy to just hand out cash like a private welfare program.

So I checked today. SGL is now more than half the length of the Bible in total number of words. Isn’t that weird to think about.

I spent the evening reading around the house. I didn’t go anywhere or even watch anything. Pretty uneventful.

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