February 5, 2005

Min and I got up around 10:00 this morning. Jeremy was sitting in the upstairs hallway with his computer set up in the hallway watching the replay of yesterday’s final AoE2 game. So I joined him sitting on the hallway floor and we analyzed the game. Min’s parents had called last night and said that they were coming out today to pick up some stuff that we had of theirs here so we had plans to spend the afternoon with them. Sara came to pick up Jeremy around 11:15 and they headed home. I hopped into the shower to get ready for lunch.

My dad arrived around 12:15 and Min’s parents arrived around 12:30 with Dexter. We hung out for a little bit but everyone was hungry so we headed off to the Omega Grill for some lunch. After lunch, dad took right off to go down to Leicester because his mom came home from the hospital yesterday but needs someone to be with her all of the time and my aunt needed a break. Min’s parents came back to our place and hung out for a few hours. They had come down to pick up a snow blower part and a desk that we had here for them. They took off mid-afternoon to get back to Frankfort before it got dark.

Min played some Sims 2 while I took a nap. I couldn’t believe how tired I was this afternoon. I probably slept for an hour almost while Min played video games. Then I took another shower just in case I was tired because my sinuses were so dry.

I, as usual, had work to get done so I headed down to the basement to work on a few things (including getting this site back up and running again now that I finally know that it was down.) Luckily, we are back up and running and finally everyone can see all of the new dailies that I have been posting. Min watched some more Star Trek originals while I worked. Eventually she watched “The Menagerie” which is one of my favorites so I sat down and watched it with her. I even made dinner (frozen pizza and ice cream.) Then, after Star Trek, I headed back to the office and she watched one of Nate’s favorite movies For Love or Money with Michael J. Fox and Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman).

I still had work to do after Min’s last movie so she decided to stay up a little bit longer and scare the crap out of herself by watching the new Dawn of the Dead movie with Ving Rhames.

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