February 6, 2005

I bet that everyone is really excited to have the site back up and tons of new content to read. This should keep everyone busy for a little while. There had better not be any complaining now about nothing happening with the site.

Min and I woke up this morning around 7:00 and wanted to set an alarm to be sure that we would wake up in time to go to church. We were too tired to actually get up at 7:00 and it wouldn’t be good for Min since she has to work her double today. It wouldn’t be good if she got up early too. But for some reason, we couldn’t find the alarm clock so that we could wake ourselves up. We were awfully tired so we went back to sleep. At 10:00, we woke up to an alarm. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Finally we realized that the sound was coming from the bed. So Min pulled back the fitted sheet and felt beneath the feather mattress that we have and there was the alarm clock. Apparently, when Min made the bed yesterday, she accidentally let the clock get into the bed and it got made into it. So we got up too late to make it to church but we did find the alarm clock. We thought that that was pretty amusing.

We had a few things that we needed to go shopping for so we went out to Walmart for a little bit and did some light shopping. Of course, while we were there, Min found some movies that she wanted (I honestly had nothing to do with it this time) and so she picked up three new Rock Hudson movies to watch at work tonight. She goes through movies so fast at work it is unbelievable. After shopping, we managed to get a hold of dad when he got home from church and he came over to Geneseo and met us at Denny’s for lunch before Min had to go to work. Min and I ran over to Wegmans to do some quick grocery shopping while we were waiting for him to come up to Geneseo. Denny’s was packed full of people and it ended up taking a really long time for us to get served and Min and I ended up having to run out to get her off to work. We are planning on having breakfast with dad again tomorrow so it wasn’t so bad to eat and run.

As always, Sunday is a big work day for me down in the basement. It is about the only day that I can work straight during the afternoon, evening and night so I am pretty productive.

I got a lot of work done tonight. I have been working hard on getting the Linux machines ready for the Castile school and I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to wrap up the last of the ones that I have and that on Tuesday I can make a run down to Castile to install them (and to get them out of the house.) We have so many machines in this house that I have to do something just to come up with some space to work in.

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