February 7, 2005

Monday, Monday. Josh was actually on our IM server this morning so I got a chance to talk to him some. He is able to play AoE2 this weekend but I don’t know if there is going to be a game or not. I haven’t had a chance to check into it yet. Although I think that there is a decent chance that we won’t have another game until we deal with some computer and monitor issues. Too many people just don’t have hardware able to handle the game and we are spending half of every evening dealing with hardware issues. The biggest one being me since I am stuck playing off of my laptop for now and it just isn’t able to handle it. As soon as my Mac Mini arrives, I will get a Mac copy of the game and should be able to play it just fine on there. At least, that is the hope.

Speaking of computers: If anyone out there has an older computer that you don’t know what to do with, the Castile Christian Academy could really use it. We have four desktops going in there this week but every one that we can get more could really help them out. We need machines no slower than a Pentium II 233 with 128MB of memory and a 3GB hard drive. Not exactly stellar specs but a lot of old machines don’t meet them and we aren’t able to use them. It would be ideal if the machine had a Pentium II 350 or faster and at least 192MB of memory. The little bit extra really makes a difference for the stuff that they are doing. Remember, donating to a non-profit is a tax write-off. Also, if anyone has any spare PC66 or PC100 memory, we could sure use that too. Especially 64MB, 128MB and 256MB sticks. 128MB is probably the most useful. I have tons of 32MB sticks that were given to us by Gentiva a year or so ago. The memory makes a huge difference on these machines and having just a little bit more can really speed up these machines.

I forgot to mention, the other night I sat down in one of the new mushroom chairs from Walmart and it just collapsed on me. We thought that being made of steel that they were really strong and they felt really sturdy but it just bent right over when I sat in it. One of the pins on the side hadn’t caught for some reason and let go and it just bend the side bar right over. So that sucks. Now we have to return that and hope that we can find another one. So that means another trip up to the Chili Walmart which is way too far away for a casual drive.

More work at home today. Still getting computers ready for the Castile school. Min and I went out to breakfast with dad this morning at the Omega Grill. He is taking today off from babysitting over at Grandma’s. He really needs a break.

I got a hold of the Castile school today and dad and I are scheduled to be in there tomorrow morning at 9:30 to begin installing their computers. I am hoping to have four desktops for them tomorrow and two over the next few weeks. That will do a lot to clean out this place… too many loose computers just hanging around. So we are planning on having breakfast before heading over. So, once again, I don’t get to sleep in in the morning.

I saved writing the rest of today’s update until Wednesday. That was a bad idea. I can’t remember Monday at all now. Oh well.

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