March 14, 2005

Well, after last night’s crapfest, you can imagine that today is not looking like a really exciting day to me. I had to sleep for the whole morning because I was totally exhausted after last night. I probably didn’t even fall asleep until after 6:00 this morning. And, of course, if you try to sleep during the day when you usually work during the day, the phone rings quite a bit. So I was never able to get very much sleep at any point. I decided around 1:00 that I couldn’t sleep anymore and got myself up and got to work trying to salvage as much as I could. Fun, fun, fun. At very least, the basement is relatively clean now – the improvement is really phenominal.

I posted the missing updates and got to work looking into updating the Jabber server that we use. We are without instant messaging today which is tough because I use that a ton for communicating with people all throughout the day. I feel lonely without it.

We are still in need of spare keyboards down in Castile if anyone has any to spare. About five would be really handy.

I got called from Wegmans this afternoon. They are not starting the project that I am on with them until next week so my week is more open now – good thing if I plan to keep blowing up servers. I am supposed to be working with Wegmans starting next Wednesday. I am teaching for Min this Friday because she is going to be out of town. She is going to be puppy sitting out in Frankfort for her parents while they are in Houston with Francesca’s family. Min is planning on going out to Frankfort on Wednesday morning leaving me home alone all week. Well, home with Andy anyway. She should be home either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Jeremy and Sara’s musical, “The Music Man” is this weekend, so I will be going to that. I am also hoping to make it out to the musical at Elmira Southside this weekend that Bob is playing in. I don’t know what nights I will be trying to do what shows, though. Most likely the York show on Friday because I will be going there from having taught all day. But we will have to see.

Min got up around 6:15 and started cooking close to 7:00. Spicy Collard Greens and vegetarian sphagettios. She wanted to cook something more fancy but I was in the mood for spaghettios. Hey, it happens.

We haven’t had a chance to see Wil on CSI yet. Dad recorded it for us but we are waiting for him to make a disc for us to watch.

Dominica was very impressed with all of the cleaning that I did in the basement. She couldn’t believe that we were able to get into the back storage area. That has been inaccessible for so long now. We discovered a box of wine and a rack of wine that have been hiding back there for a long while now.

While eating dinner, we watched Sean Connery and Christian Slater in The Name of the Rose which is a really cool movie that I love from when I was a kid watching late night channel 31 movies. The Name of the Rose deals with the Inquisition in the fourteenth century and a series of murders at an abbey in northern Italy.

I was really tired, even after having gotten up so late today. So I decided to head off to bed right after Min left for work. Maybe I will manage to get an early start on the day tomorrow. One can hope, right?

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