March 13, 2005: The Letter H

Today’s update is brought to you by the letter “H” and the adjective “Crappy”.

We made it to church on time again this week. Pretty soon, if we aren’t careful, people are going to start to develop unrealistic expectations of us!

When church was over, Min, Dad and I were going to go over to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant like usual. I stopped to talk with someone at church and I thought that Min had left with dad. I didn’t see her when I went out to get into the car. I tried calling both of them but neither had their cells on. So, I assumed that Min had caught a ride because she wanted to get us moving along so I drove quickly down to Perry so that, if she wasn’t really there already, I could zip right back to the church to look for her more extensively. Well, she was still at the church and realized that I had left just seconds after I had but she didn’t bring her cell phone with her so she wasn’t even able to call me. She managed to find a way to call me right as I was getting in Perry. She found a ride and came down to meet us. She wasn’t very happy. I am in a bit of trouble today.

After Min went to work, Andy and I hung out in the living room for a while talking and then I got to work cleaning the basement some more. I am so much more productive when the office area is all cleaned up that I think that it is really time well spent getting it to be just perfect. Of course, for any of you that has seen the basement, it is SO far from perfect right now! The place is really a mess but it really is improving, one little bit at a time. We just have so much stuff it is practically impossible to get it all put away somewhere. So much of it has no place to go to. There is an overabundance of paperwork floating around in the basement. It is tempting to just throw it all away but you never know when you might end up looking for something that was in all of that paperwork.

I did a ton of cleaning in the basement today. I am really proud of myself, it is really noticable down here. Around 8:00 I went up to the city and picked up Thai from The King and I on East Henrietta and took it to Min at work. I had to make up some for leaving her this morning. While we ate dinner, we watched some of the 1995 Harrison Ford film Sabrina. I always thought that I had seen that movie but I am beginning to think that I never have. Julie Ormond is in that and does a horrible job. They act like she is a little girl in part of the movie but are completely unable to make her look like anything but a frumpy, middle aged woman who has tanned far too much. No amount of makeup can adequately cover that many rinkles. She was only 30 when she did Sabrina (I am guessing they meant her to actually look 18 but they didn’t convey it very convincingly) but she really looked much older. She has a strange accent and I was never able to pinpoint what she was trying to do with it. Min thought she was trying to sound British but I thought that she was trying to fake a French accent. I don’t know. But it had Harrison Ford in it, so it has to be good.

I got back and continued cleaning. Andy watched Coupling: Season Four. I could hear him laughing upstairs. He is completely hysterical.

Well, I was supposed to be doing some minor server work this evening involving installing some new memory in our main server. But this was not to be the case this evening. One of the memory sticks that we purchased recently had a short in it and it burned out part of the server motherboard. What a horrible night I am having. Our instant messaging server ended up crashing during the night as well while I was starting and restarting everything. I decided that that service was less critical so I am leaving it to be dealt with tomorrow. One thing at a time.

I finally got our main server back online and functioning more or less properly by 5:30 am. What a long, stressful night. And I had been hoping to be going to bed around midnight.

Sorry that the weekend updates are running a little bit behind. I was planning on posting everything tonight but things got out of hand and I need to wait until tomorrow.

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