March 16, 2005

Min headed out to Frankfort this morning at 7:00, straight from work. She should have arrived around 9:30 to pick up Dexter from the kennel. I am sure that he was very relieved to see her. He is a very nervous dog. He probably has really bad gas too – that happens a lot, especially when he is nervous.

I know that a lot of you really don’t like reading about the technology work that I do so I have decided to create a new blog dedicated just to that subject matter. is my new blog space that you can check out to see what is going on with me professionally so that SGL can be dedicated to the more personal matter of being my personal diary space. I decided that I wanted to try out using Blogger anyway and since Google provides free and very handy hosting over at BlogSpot I felt that that was just too easy to pass up. I don’t need to act all cool and do an entirely hand crafted blog because I have SGL which I have been hand coding since 2000. I was blogging when blogging wasn’t cool, I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. So there. If any of you have not tried your hand at blogging yet, you really should. Hit up Blogger and sign up for a free account and get started. It only takes a tiny bit of effort and you could have a really cool blog of your own in no time. If any of the SGL crew decideds to get a blog, let me know and SGL will link to it so that we can start a little community of our own here. I am getting tired of doing all of the writing and never being able to link to any of my friends’ or fans’ pages. Help me out a little guys.

I worked in the office this morning but went up to the city just after noon to get my weekly coffee and bagels with Eric and to run a few errands. We did Bruegger’s as usual and hung out there from like 1:30 till 3:00. Then we hit the bank and Home Depot. Then I had to get down to East Avon for the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event that we have once a month. It is really just a chance for local business people to get out and get to know one another. It is fun and I always manage to meet new people. Tonight, though, the cool thing was meeting someone that I knew long ago. One of my and Josh’s coworkers from our Pizza Hut days (um, can you say 1995?) was working for the company that was hosting this evening’s event and, believe it or not, I recognized her and we started talking. It was weird because I hadn’t seen her in ten years. Ten years! Boy does that make me feel old. It isn’t often that I get to meet someone that “I worked with ten years ago.” And Josh worked with even longer ago than that! We are all getting old, I guess.

After the after hours, I met up with dad and we went over to the Omega Grill to get some dinner. After dinner, he came over and we watched The Incredibles which he hadn’t seen yet. Of course, he loved it. It is such a kickin’ movie! He took off right after the movie and I went to work blogging. Writing two blogs now will keep me even busier. But at least this one will be more fun for everyone to read (everyone who isn’t into technology, that is, which is mostly everyone.)

I did talk to Min briefly this evening but she was in bed because she didn’t get any sleep all day today. So she was pretty tired. She and Dexter (the puppy) had just gone to bed a little while before I called so she was pretty out of it. I should hear from her tomorrow morning, I expect. I have a phone interview with Corning tomorrow as well. I don’t know what I want to do about work this year. I have three good potential jobs right now, any one of them could be really good. Wegmans wants me, potentially, three nights a week until September. This would be great because it is low stress, I already know exactly what needs to be done and it would give me total flexibility to do all of my regular work during the day with minimal impact. RG&E is potentially interested in me for five overnights a week until October. That would be quite a few more hours than Wegmans and would run longer but we don’t know what the pay scale will be like yet nor how hard the work would be. Most likely, that would impact my regular work a bit more – but not so bad that it would be a serious problem. And then, tomorrow, I am interviewing for a second time for a position with Corning. The position at Corning is a regular day job doing a type of work that I almost never do, so it would potentially be really interesting. Corning probably will have the best pay and benefits – but it will cause the greatest disruption to my regular work and cause me to see Min the least since she is currently working nights and probably will be for the next several months at least. The Corning job is six months with likely extensions taking us up to around the same time period as the other two jobs. I was originally turned down by Corning a few months ago but the manager of the person who turned me down decided that they wanted to interview me themselves (it is a really difficult position to fill so we are guessing that I am about the only local resource that they have been able to find.) So I have a really good shot at it since I am going to a second round interview. There is also a slight chance that the Corning and Wegmans contracts could be done together which would be a ton of work and take all of my time and I would have to have someone else managing the company while I did that. That would be really rough. So anyway, that is where I am now. The most likely thing, as always, is that none of these jobs will come through and I will be left with nothing as usual. But if one comes through, they will all come through at once. That is the nature of things. So, I would appreciate everyone praying for guidance for me since whatever I choose will have a pretty serious impact on things for the rest of the year.

Andy decided to stay home today. He has been getting a TON of work done on this 3D game engine that he has been working on and he spent a lot of the day refactoring that (geek speak.) He has had some pretty impressive looking results for days now. It is really cool. I can’t wait until there is a real game running on the engine so that we can try it out.

Tony called this evening and is going to be going to the York musical with me on Friday night. Dad is going that night too. I don’t think that anyone else is going. It is at 7:30, we think, at York Central High School in Piffard, NY this Friday. It is also showing on Saturday and Sunday but I don’t know the details of those shows. Call Jeremy if you need to know.

Before dad left, we engaged in a serious search for my tripod that he needs to borrow for Friday night’s performance. Of course, like all things in this house, we were unable to find it. Even after going through the recently cleaned basement and even going out into the garage to conduct an extensive search. It wasn’t until hours after he left that it occurred to me that the tripod might, just might, be in the hall closet next to the umm… CAMERAS! Yes, yes, of course, there it was. Right where a burglar would have looked for it. Sometimes I am really an idiot. So anyway, dad, if you are ready this, I have the tripod sitting by the garage door.

For any Trillian users out there, there is a new version, 3.1, that has been released sometime fairly recently. John “The Surfing IT Wizard” Stephens first introduced me to Trillian in its beta form back in 2001 while we were taking classes together at TC3 in Dryden! Trillian is the ultimate Windows instant messaging platform for people who have accounts from multiple IM vendors like AOL, MSN and Yahoo! It is also cool to simply fight the power and use indepedant technologies. Yeah!

Ok, well it is time for me to get off to bed. Long day tomorrow.

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