March 17, 2005: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s day, the patron saint of green beer. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.

For those of you looking for another cool blog to read to kill some time, check out Andy the Intern’s Page over at BlogSpot.

More blasting today. I can’t believe that this is still going on. We are guessing that maybe it is the salt mine blasting and that they are directly under us now. I have no idea. It is two or three times a day and it scares the crap out of you every time. Neither Min nor the hamster can sleep through it and they both need to be able to sleep during the day. Pretty soon I am going to have to go talk to the village about this and see what can be done.

It was another two yogurt lunch today. Wegmans has had the Yoplait Light Far Free yogurt on sale for just $.40 which is way too cheap to pass up. That means that lunch is just $.80!

I have a 2:00 phone interview this afternoon with Corning. No word yet from Wegmans so I don’t know what they are planning on doing yet about their project. I probably won’t know until it is too late.

I decided that I wanted to start expanding the scope of Sheep Guarding Llama but I didn’t want to just start throwing tons of stuff into the main site here. So, we have a new sister page over at BlogSpot that will be carrying addition SGL content. I think that the new site is rather cool and I hope to make it a valuable addition to SGL. My first order of business is to start audioblogging over there so that all of you faithful SGL Blog readers can start getting the podcast content and can listen to me during the morning or evening drives into or from work instead of that boring radio crap. Talk about fighting the power – we need to get everyone audioblogging (okay, well at least a number of relatively interesting people) and listen to them instead of these inane radio talk show people that are on in the mornings. I can’t take it. They aren’t funny, they are interesting and we spend most of our time listening to commercials. In fact, I have managed to drive from Geneseo to Rochester on a number of occassions without ever hearing a single song! The Internet is going to give us the power to take the media into the public’s hands and it is time that we did so.

Ok, one more yogurt as an afternoon snack. We are up to $1.20 now. Still, try to beat that. Only 300 calories too and non from fat. Plus, don’t forget that just three servings of dairy a day can help promote weight loss of just cutting calories! But that doesn’t mean that it is a substitute for regular excercise, not smoking and eating a well balanced diet. [Stay in school, don’t do drugs.]

I posted my first audioblog today over at SGL2 after getting off of the phone with Corning. My cell phone the instant that I hung up from posting the update so that timing could not have been more perfect.

The interview with Corning seemed to go decently well. It is always hard to tell. It was the same interviewer who had turned me down on November 1, 2004 but they are looking for a slightly different skill set this time and I have six months more experience – ha, ha. Maybe my pending degree will swing the balance. What made them want to interview me for the same position twice I will never guess. But, whatever floats their boat. It sounds like a neat position doing some interesting work and I get the impression that they might end up using me for a lot more than they are planning on because I bring such a varied skill set to the table. They were picking my brain about XForms during the interview – good thing I was studying those recently. If I get the position, I guarantee that XForms will be a major factor in decision.

Even more blasting, three times in two hours. This has got to stop. It is getting disruptive and I am worried about there being damage to the house. The entire structure shakes when they blast.

Well, I have been trying my hand at audioblogging but have not really been getting anywhere. I have done two posts so far but neither has shown up on SGL2 so I am not really sure what is not working. There is pretty much no configuration information to get incorrect so I just am not sure what is not working correctly.

Eric finally got around to really blogging today, the first of the SGL crew to pick up the torch and run with it. Andy has tried a little but stopped. Eric is shooting for a more personal blog rather than Andy’s more technical one. You can check Eric’s blog out at Blogging Eric. It is pretty good! He manages to get personal his first time out! He even gave audioblogging a quick shot although he is having posting problems with that as well. I am really glad to see that Eric managed to mentions turds and urine in his very first post.

Eric, Amanda, Julia and I are having dinner tonight over at the Omega Grill. With Min out of town I have no one to hang out with so they took pity on me. Dad and I are having a quick breakfast in Perry tomorrow before I teach in Castile all day.

Okay, today is like totally blog day. One new blog item after another popping up – but then tends to happen whenever I discover some really handy new technology or service. And I have just begun sinking my teeth into modern blogging tools so expect to see a bit in the future. Anyway, the Friday Night Game site is being moved over to a new location. People will be able to post comments over there so that everyone can look and see who is planning on coming easily without having to call us here. And it is a cool, dedicated site. Hope it works out well.

Eric and Amanda stopped by to pick me up around 6:30 and we headed over to the Omega Grill. We had a nice time at dinner and I got a chance to play with Julia. Boy is she getting big. That really makes me feel old. We didn’t head back home until almost 9:00.

Dad needed me to download some video CDs for him so that was my first project tonight. So while I was working on this and other mundane tasks I listened to Steve Wozniak speaking at Gnomedex on Andy’s MP3 player. I just love Podcasting 🙂 I burned a CD of over 1500 minutes of talk “radio” for Jeremy to listen to since he doesn’t have a real Internet connection.

I meant to get to bed early tonight but, of course, that wasn’t going to happen. The downloads for dad ended up taking much longer than I had anticipated and they ended up going pretty late. I called Dominica just after midnight to talk about the plans for the classes tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the very last minute.

Well, I have to be up pretty early tomorrow so I am going to call it a night even though there is a ton of stuff that I would like to try to get done before heading off to bed. Today may be the single heaviest blogging day ever. Not only did this page get a ton of my ramblings, but all three of the blogs over on BlogSpot got a ton of stuff added to them. Be sure to get over and check them out. I am going to make one final attempt at getting an audio post made for SGL2 before going to bed. Maybe we will be really lucky and all of my audio posts, and Eric’s, will be posted in the morning. That would be an awfully nice surprise – but I won’t be holding my breath.

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