March 19, 2005

3.5 hours of sleep. Oh just great. I didn’t go to bed until after 5:30am and I was up by 9:00 because I wasn’t feeling well. Ugh. Now I don’t feel well AND I am really tired. Just great. So I went ahead and got up and took a shower and got ready to face the day. Dad called just after I got out of the shower and said that he needed to come over to use my Internet access and that he would be over in half an hour or so.

Dad arrived around 10:30 or so and set up in the basement to do some work with the high speed connection. I had to use his laptop, anyway, to test some theories out about offline files and caching and stuff, so that worked out pretty well.

At 12:30, dad, Andy and I went over to the Omega Grill for some lunch. I have been trying to get fish into me to keep up my protein so I got the fish fry (leftovers from last night.) It was really amazing. I think that they change their batter. After lunch, dad ended up working at the house until just after 3:00. He never stays that long.

I had some cleaning to do. Min is due back home tonight and I want to make sure that the house looks much better than when she left. But it will take a bit of work.

Andy and I went up to the city around 6:00. I am really late on paying the RG&E bill (electric and gas) and I kind of have to pay it today. So we ran to the back to deposit some money. Then we hit Borders real quickly. There are a couple of books that I have been looking for. I didn’t find the one but I did find “Got Game” which looks really interesting. It addresses the impact that the upcoming “video game generation” is going to have on the workforce over the next several years. I read some clips of it online and have been very interested in reading it. It is from the Harvard Business School.

Then we had to get to Tops in Avon to actually pay the bill. We got there and found out that I had to pay with a personal check which, of course, I didn’t have. We tried everything that we could think of but ended up having to drive back to Geneseo just to get a check and them rushing back to Avon. What an incredible pain. While we were there we got dinner at Tom Wahl’s. Yummy.

When we got back to Geneseo, Min had just pulled in and was starting to unload her car. We got her in and visited for a little bit. She is really tired and is ready for bed. She was excited, though, that dad had dropped off the CSI that he had recorded with Wil Wheaton in it so she decided to watch that before going to bed. While she watched that I worked on getting tonight’s post taken care of. I ran in just to watch the bits with Wil which amounted to about thirty seconds, it seemed like. Very disappointing.

Sorry but today was rather uneventful. So I will sign off and go get my much deserved snuggles!

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