March 18, 2005

I woke up this morning to an extremely painful cramp in my left calf muscle. Because I was wearing the CPAP, I wasn’t able to reach down to my foot to pull it up and the pain kept me from thinking clearly so I had a really hard time dealing with it. I will be limping all day from that.

I ended up getting out of bed at 6:00am because of the leg cramp. So, nothing like an early start when you don’t need it. I went down to Perry to meet dad at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant for breakfast before I headed down to Castile to teach for the day.

Before I left the house this morning, I checked over at SGL2 and the audio posts from yesterday that I had been working on finally came through. So I am very excited that I am now able to easily record audio posts. That is going to be really cool once I can think of something interesting to say.

I started teaching down in Castile at 9:30 this morning. One of the parents from the school had been listening to Tradio (um yeah, there is actually a radio program called Tradio that runs on Warsaw’s WCJW Radio out here) – anyway, so they heard someone auctioning off some computer keyboards and so the parent bought them. When I got in there were about twenty five Dell Quietkey keyboards waiting there for us. The Lord really does provide in mysterious ways. Last week it was the mice, this week the keyboards.

While I was teaching, a local farm called the church and said that they had a printer for them to take a look at and see if they were interested in. The church didn’t want it so they called over to the school. They brought it over for me to check out. Once again, the Lord is providing for us. Just as we were thinking that the school was probably going to have to spend over $500 on getting a nice laser printer to meet the needs of the student’s printing throughout the school, we suddenly had a high volume Minolta colour laser printer delivered right to us. Praise the Lord.

Classes went okay today. I am definitely not the teacher. I am sure that all of the students will be very happy to have Dominica back in two weeks – there is no computer class this week because of Easter vacation.

After the school day was over, I had to get home and take care of some emails and stuff because I was out all day. The biggest thing was that Wegmans called while I was out and they are going with my proposed schedule for their project this summer which means that I will be busy working with them, most likely, until September or maybe even October. The schedule has me working overnights Monday – Wednesday of most weeks with some weeks being only two nights. Over the next two weeks there will be two total nights of work and then the real work begins after that. It is really wonderful that the schedule is going to be the first half of the week because my overnight schedule is going to completely coincide with Dominica’s schedule so that we will get the opportunity to see a lot more of each other this year. It is also a big relief just to have a good idea of what is going to be happening for the next six months and to know what the revenue stream is going to be looking like. I am only going to be working part time – but it will be enough to allow us to relax quite a bit and get some things caught up a bit while simultaneously allowing Andy and I to really get a lot of work done on other projects this summer that we really need to be focused on.

After talking with Wegmans and getting everything ready for next week I drove up to Avon to get Tony so that we could go see “The Music Man” in York this evening. We stopped by the house for a little while before going to the show. While we were here, Tony set up his own blog, Urinal Cakes, that everyone should head on over to and check out.

We got to the show about ten minutes before it started. I hate to have to say it, but the show was pretty much unbearable. Tonight’s show was the first entire run through that they managed to do and it was painfully obvious when they got to the end of the show that they had never even discussed what was going to be done when the show was over. But I will let Jeremy tell you about the show himself at his blog ItSmEoRiSit. He was definitely not happy about how it turned out. Everyone knew that it was going to be really rough – we have known for two weeks now. They lost a couple of cast members within the last two weeks which made it really rough since they were trying to get new people ready for their parts at the last second. Sara seemed to be having a bit more fun. After the show, we managed to get a sound bite from Sara and some of her friends in the Ladies Society (the pick a little, talk a little girls) and we posted it to SGL2 while we were still at the show. I just love audioblogging. On Sunday night, I will try to make a link to the audio clip directly from here so that everyone at York can hear the clip since all of the big blog sites are blocked but SGL is not.

(Update July, 2006 – Originally there was a link to Its Me Or I Sit by Jeremy Richardson but in the year following the original post he deleted the entire site and there is nothing left to link to.)

Tony and I took Jeremy home and checked to see if the sound bite had posted yet. It had and we laughed about that. Then I took a look at Jeremy’s latest programming project that he had just wrapped up two or three nights ago.

I didn’t really get a chance to eat much today. I went to breakfast with dad but just got two pieces of toast. And I was able to steal two donuts from Castile while I was there. And I got one meal in the middle of the afternoon from McDonalds in Avon but that was a long time ago. So Tony and I went up to Denny’s in Geneseo for some coffee and to get a bite to eat. We got there around 11:00 and it took forever to get seated because Livonia, York and Letchworth had all had musicals and everyone was there having a party. The place was a mad house. Tony and I ended up hanging out there until 4:30 or so in the morning. Then I drove him back to Avon and then took myself back home to Geneseo.

I didn’t have my laptop set up so I decided to do a timely update on SGL2 through my cell from my bed. So go over there and listen to me posting the evening’s events from bed. Who would have ever thought of blogging from bed?

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