March 2, 2005

Before I forget, Tony West’s performance in “Oklahoma” at Avon High School is tomorrow [Thursday] night at 7:00. I am pretty sure that Min and I will be going. I think that Andy is going on Saturday because it isn’t a work night.

I had to get up super early this morning and drive up to Henrietta to get Min from work again. We had anticipated the weather being really awful but it really wasn’t all that bad. But, I had a feeling that today was going to be a slow day and Min really wanted to hang out so I mostly blew the day off.

We went up to Mel’s to get some cheap breakfast. We called Eric to see if he was up for coffee but it was too early for him, I guess. This is the earliest that I have been out for breakfast in a long time.

After breakfast, I twisted Min’s arm into going over to Borders for a little shopping. She *finally* gave in – ha, ha. She looked through all of the knitting books and I looked through the geeky stuff. I tracked down their one hidden copy of Wil Wheaton’s “Just A Geek” that I have been searching for there for a long time. It sure took enough effort to buy that book! While I was hunting for it, Eric called back about coffee and decided to stop by and have some.

While we were waiting for Eric, Min and I looked through the Bible selection. They have a ton there. Min has been looking for something portable that she can carry around more easily because her good Bible is large and very heavy. Eric showed up while we were still looking at Bibles and ended up looking at them with us for about forty-five minutes. Then we went over to the cafe and had coffee and bagels. We ended up hanging out at Borders until almost 1:00.

I had to stop by dad’s to pick up some stuff we headed straight over there. We ended up staying at dad’s until 4:00 and convinced him to go out for some dinner. He has no car still so we have to drive him if he is going to go somewhere. We went down the hill to Greigsville and ate at the Barn right next to my old high school. It is a really weird, out of the way kind of place. Really hard to believe that there is an actual restaurant in such a location. It has been there as long as I can remember – but I have never gotten used to the idea of a restaurant in that location. They aren’t open late and are really just a local farmer’s hangout greasy spoon kind of place but the people are really nice and the place is quite inviting. The are famous for being the only place around that served sheep fried but I think that they discontinued that practice years ago. I used to walk past this place going to Cook’s gas station on the corner all during high school but never really thought about it much. They do a really good breakfast there and very inexpensively.

After dinner, before we took dad back, we ran over to York to take a look at York Landing which is available for lease. The Landing has been vacant for months and Min thinks that it might be an ideal location for her yarn stor slash coffee shop, if the price is reasonable. We would have to modify the building a bit to make it work and it would take a bit of effort to convince people to go way out into the middle of nowhere but it has the advantage of being in a decently easy to find location and it should be cheaper because there is almost no way to be getting any local traffic coming in.

We ran dad home after dinner and got ourselves home. It was after 6:00 when we finally got in. I was right about the day being slow, no phone calls at the office OR on the cell except for Eric. I can’t remember a day ever being so slow.

We came home and decided to watch some more of Roswell because I am still working my way through the second season. Min fell asleep about an hour into it. It took a long time before I managed to convince her to actually go to bed. I kept watching for about seven hours! Man I love that show. I still have a couple of discs left to watch of it too.

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