March 3, 2005

I couldn’t stop watching Roswell last night – I watched from just after 6:00 until 2:00 in the morning! That is a little bit obsessive, I guess. But, for those of you who have never seen the show, it is such an amazing show. Because it is a serial and not a sitcom, it makes it very difficult to stop watching because the story just continues right on. It must have been really tough watching it week by week when it was first on television. I think that this type of show really lends itself to the recorded media formats far better than televised. That is in contrast to a lot of sitcoms that get extremely little value through being able to watch them consecutively. Who’s the Boss, for example, has little need intraseasonly to be seen in any particular order. But with Roswell or a lot of British shows like As Time Goes By, you really have to see them all in a row to really get the emotionaly impact out of them.

The house is still having those occasional shakings that started a few days ago. It is only once or twice a day and always during the daytime but we still just can’t figure out what it could be. It is a little unnerving.

Andy left for work exceptionaly late today. I don’t know if he is going with the assumption that he will come directly home to see Tony’s show or what. He was just getting into the shower at 8:30 this morning but I didn’t actually see him so I don’t know if it was intentional or not. We had talked about going to the show last night but the last I had heard was that he was going to go on Saturday. But with Nate and Bob coming up this weekend, maybe he changed his mind and decided on tonight instead. I guess that we will find out.

Min and I ran out to dad’s to pick up some packing material so that we could get some stuff sent out from UPS. We made it to the UPS store just before 5:00 and got the stuff sent out and made a quick stop to the post office to mail a few things. Then we decided that we needed a break so we went over to the new Starbucks across from the Chamber of Commerce and gave them a try. It is weird being in the Delbucks (Starbucks in the old Del Taco buiding) because it only kind of looks like it was supposed to be a coffee shop. The space is really live which makes it rather uncomfortable to spend any amount of time in. It is so loud in there even though we were the only customers most of the time. We couldn’t talk at all. It just wasn’t a comfortable environment to hang out in. Which, I am thinking, is their aim. They seem to be moving away from the “place to hang out at” marketing strategy and really becoming just the fast food of the coffee world. So, it doesn’t look like I will be using the local Geneseo Starbucks as often as I had hoped that I would be. It is probably better this way – just ask Eric how many calories are in a Chantico.

When we got back to the house, Bob had called and said that he was reading the site (no really, he actually said that he had been reading the site, YOU are not the only one (unless YOU ARE Bob, then maybe you are the only one)) and realized that we were still planning on him coming up on Friday (tomorrow) and spending the weekend and that we had cancelled the all important AoE2 game because of it. Oops. He and Lisa aren’t coming until Saturday now. The moral of the story? Read SGL or you may miss something important. No, that isn’t it. Oh yeah, that there is a game tomorrow now 🙂 That must be it.

Ok, I have found some disturbing products online before but this one from Thinkgeek really takes the cake. I think that the most disturbing part is that I actually shop at this place! Eek.

We went to the show at 7:00. We passed Andy on the road on the way there. He was just heading home from work. We got to the show a bit early but we got a chance to visit with Andy’s family who got there just a little bit after we did. Andy did end up coming to the show just before it started.

My cell was off from 6:30 – 10:30 so anyone trying to reach me during that time – sorry.

The show was decent. Andy had never seen Oklahoma! before and Min had only ever seen the movie. I probably haven’t seen it since 1989 but I have seen it multiple times and both in live and movie versions. Tony did an amazing job – he played Judd and it was a really cool character for him. He got to be all dark and brooding. He sang really well too. He friend Rob played the peddler and did it in a totally convincing Hank Azaria style that was really entertaining. He sounded just like Hank playing the crazy doctor from The Simpsons.

We got home late and pretty much went straight to bed. I even saved the last of the updates for tomorrow.

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