March 24, 2005

It is difficult, when working overnights, to know when to end one blog day and when to begin the next. But I made it home early enough yesterday that I will consider my day today to have begun when I woke up this morning – like most people do. I got up at 10:00 and got in the shower to get ready for the day. Jeremy got to the house at 11:45 and we took right off to get up to Rochester to see the Microsoft show. We stopped in Avon and picked up Tony around 12:15.

We arrived at the Microsoft show right on time at 12:30. We got signed in and had enough time to make it out to check out their “technology truck” which was mildly interesting. The truck was neat, sort of a blend of technology and comfortable seating. The only issue was that I was not sure what they wanted us to see on the truck. It was sponsored by HP and Intel but the only thing on the truck really worth looking at was an HP Tablet PC which was pretty nice, but hardly worth a whole demo truck. There were some computers showing some Microsoft applications but the place wasn’t set up in such a way as to learn anything from them. So we only looked at that for a minute.

The seminar itself started at 1:00 and we met Steve Bulkley (Jen’s husband) as we went into the show and he sat with us. The show went until 5:00 and was pretty good. Robert Jackson was our presenter and I have seen him many times – he is very good.

While we were at the seminar, Fox News arrived and took pictures of Tony, Jeremy and I as well as of Rob while he was speaking. We don’t know if we will be on the news or not tonight, but we have everyone attempting to record the news, just in case.

I won some cool stuff at the seminar including a book that sounds really cool and an MSDN subscription which I am really excited about. I had an MSDN subscription a number of years ago but it wasn’t nearly as cool back then. Or maybe it just wasn’t as cool to me because I didn’t know how to get any use out of it. It is a $1,200 value and something that I should buy but have a really hard time justifying spending the money on it.

After the show, we came back home and both Tony and Jeremy were able to hang out for a while and Min cooked dinner for us. She made her first attempt at deep frying fish. She made her own batter and fried them up in the deep fryer that I got for Christmas. It turned out pretty well. After dinner, Tony, Jeremy, Min and I tried to get in a game of AoE2 but Jeremy only had until 9:00 and we weren’t able to get very far. Tony didn’t bring his computer over since he was not planning on coming over and so I was stuck playing on my laptop that keeps freezing up on me while we are playing the game. It is really weird because it never crashes any other time. Just during AoE2. I am convinced that it is caused by a bug in the game that only manifests itself in that way on my machine. Min has another weird problem that her mouse stops working each time after my laptop crashes. Strange coincidence? I think not.

Jeremy took off and Tony called home to see if he could spend the night. He is actually allowed to stay so, he is staying. He and I tried playing a game of AoE2 but my laptop was being really awful and we eventually just had to give up on it. Oh well. I have a desktop to use tomorrow so the game should be good.

The infamous Albino Black Sheep (which, coincidentally, also is named after sheep) has some really good videos to take a look at including: The Star Wars Kid. You have to feel sorry for this kid. He probably made this video in his basement thinking that no one would ever see it but then, someone, managed to sneak into his basement, steal this video and get it posted up onto the Internet. Life can be rough. I guarantee that this kid will grow up knowing the importance of hiding videos of things that you don’t want the world to see. And, for those of you who just can’t get enough of this stuff but don’t bother looking for it yourself because you know I will post links to it (although I am sneaky and unlike other people who have simple “link blogs” to put all of the links in one place I intersperse them throughout my blog so that you have to read it all all of the time in order to find them – or just look for the blue text) here are some dancing badgers.

Min spent the evening discovering weird videos and video games online.

The other day, Jeremy expressed amazement at the fact that I knew the Hampster Dance. Little did he realize that I have been a net user since the beginning of time and every famous website in the world is known by me (All Your Internet R Belong To Me!) Although, Jeremy was not aware that the cool Hampster Dance Song used to be more than a tune on the radio but was actually a really awful website long, long ago. Anyway, I have a rough example of what the original site looked like here – now remember kids, this was originally viewed in 640×480 or 800×600 and it was JUST the dancing hamster nothing else. The Original Hampton the Hampster Dancing Hamsters Page. I know you have all missed this one. They have removed the music from the page but I think that you all know exactly what it sounds like. And for those of you who just can’t get enough of this old time entertainment, try out the classic Jesus Dance from the same era.

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