March 25, 2005: Eric is a Giant Poop Head

Tony has gotten in on the Eric Poop Head project and there is now an additional page further explaining the plight of poor Blogging Eric. You can check out Tony’s tribute to Eric at Eric the Urinal Cake Head. I would feel bad for Eric but, he did start this one. He should have seen this coming for a long time now.

Tony managed to hang here last night and spent the night. We were blogging until the early hours of the morning and slept in really late today. Min and I woke up to dad calling about getting together for lunch. He came over around 1:00 (yeah, we slept in really late) and the four of us went to the Omega Grill for a Friday Fish Fry. The Omega did something to change their batter for their fish and it is really amazing now.

After lunch we came back to the house and watched The Passion for Good Friday. None of us had seen it yet. It was really amazing. It is really difficult to sit through, though, being so graphic.

I had just enough time to take Tony home after the movie for us to get ready for the game tonight. While I was gone, Miranda arrived from Canada. We had seven people and it went really well.

Tony, Jeremy and I managed to get onto the news last night. None of us have had a chance to see the footage yet but my dad recorded it and supposedly you can see all of us sitting with Steve Bulkley and watching the seminar. That is pretty cool, I don’t think that I have ever been on the news before. It is only for one second, quite literally, but it is something. Too bad I don’t have television myself or it would seem like a bigger deal, I am sure.

We were seven for the game tonight. Josh played remotely and Art, Danielle, Michael, Min, Andy, Jeremy and I all got to play. Michael didn’t play in “the game” but played on my laptop upstairs or on Min’s GBA. In order to save everyone the gory details of the game, that information will all be posted over to The Friday Night Game blog on BlogSpot.

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